How long to beat final fantasy 15

So how long does it take to beat final fantasy 15?

This post promises to share with you how long to beat final fantasy 15.

If that looks like what you wanted to know about, stay glued as that will be disclosed in this post.

One reason you need to read through is that there are some tips that will be shared in this post so you will be able to beat final fantasy 15 in no time.

How long it will take depends on your personal play style.

If you are a beginner, it will take some time for you to understand the basics of the game, what it takes to grind your character faster and which of the characters is very important to your party.

Just so you know, you can select only 3 characters from the 7 characters available.

In most cases, beginners seem to ignore a lot of things such as collectibles, materials, and other things.

It will also take a beginner some time to fully understand the story.

And JRPGs have a habit of being long and complex in most cases.

So as a beginner playing FF7, it might take you about 40 hours to complete it.

But for a completionist, it will take a while.

Wondering who a completionist is?

A completionist is a player who must have completed the game 100%.

It clocks around 90 hours long.

If you think that’s long, FF13 clocks around 100-110 hours.

Similarly, FF10 clocks 140-150 hours!

Yeah, final fantasy games are lengthy.

However, if you are a completionist as I have stated earlier in this post, it will take about 30 hours to beat final fantasy 15 because you know what you have to do and where you have to go.

If you’ve never played it before, you want to play the story without getting too sidetracked, you’re looking at around 40-50 hours.

If you do want to get sidetracked, you can very easily put 80-100 hours in, especially if you want to get the master material and tackle the Ruby Weapon.

You are like to be in one of these categories if you have played it before:

  • Playing just for the story, you’ll grind just enough to keep the story moving and you can probably dig through the quest in around 30 hours.
    Even years between playthroughs, you’ll have some recollection of puzzles and events that will slightly speed your progress.
  • If you want to find all those little things you missed when you last played it, then there’s considerably more time to consider, depending on whether you use a guide or not.
    Without a guide though, you could quite easily still exceed 80 hours

I hope this gives an idea about how long to beat final fantasy 15.

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