Anonymox cannot connect at the moment? FIX it here

I’ve been using a variant VPN extension on my Chrome browser for some time now but when I tried using Anonymox, I had an error that read “Anonymox cannot connect at the moment”

What the heck!

Why can’t my Anonymox extension connect at the moment? That was a big question.

If you are a Chrome user with this extension installed on your Chrome browser and you have this error message each time you try to connect, get in here and have a quick fix.

When I got the error message I tried the available resources to see how I can fix the error, and after finding the solution to the error message “Anonymox cannot connect at the moment”

As usual, I will share the solution to the problem here.

I have been using Anonymox addon for some time now, though on Firefox browser trying to also use it on a Chrome browser returned this error.

So together let’s fix it!

Anonymox is a VPN that helps shield your browsing location and also adds a layer of security to your web surfing.

So if you don’t get this error fixed, you may not get the desired web shield that you desire.

After successful installation, you will be told that to use the extension that you will need to click on the extension icon.

Clicking on it may likely bring up the error message that Anonymox cannot connect at the moment.

If it cannot connect at the moment, when will it connect? 😆

Enough of the stories!

Let’s get into the business of the day.

Anonymox cannot connect at the moment? FIX it here

Before we get to fix this problem and find a lasting solution to it, let’s, first of all, know the possible cause that you are having the error message that Anonymox cannot connect at the moment.

One of the possible reasons why you may have this error message is that you are installing an outdated version of the Anonymox Chrome extension on a recently updated Chrome browser.

So why you have the error is that the version of the Anonymox Chrome extension that you installed is not compatible with the version the Chrome browser installed on your computer.

The possible solution to Anonymox cannot connect at the moment

From the cause of the problem that I just cited above, to help curb the persistent occurrence of this error message here is what to do.

Dedicate at least a Chrome browser with an older version that is compatible with the version of the Anonymox browser currently available in the Chrome web store.

That way, you will get rid of the error message telling you that your Anonymox browser cannot connect at the moment.

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