How long does thermal paste last

If you want to know how long a thermal paste lasts on your CPU, get in here so you get to find out its lifespan.

After reading through this post, “How long does thermal paste last” will be completely off your mind.

The lifespan of any thermal paste depends on a couple of things.

So if my thermal paste lasts longer than yours, it could because of the paste used and how long I run my CPU in a day.

You may be running your CPU longer than I do.

That alone can make the thermal paste lifespan vary.

If not for the lifetime of the CPU, a thermal paste can last for several years.

Remember I told you earlier that it depends on a couple of things which could be how hot your CPU runs and the quality of the paste itself.

A low-quality paste will fade away within a short while especially if you run a constantly heating CPU.

Some thermal pastes last between 2 to 3 years, that’s when you know that your thermal paste was of a low quality.

Arctic Silver is one of the best quality thermal paste out there and it could last for up to 4 years or longer.

If you are using a really high-end CPU or overclocking it a lot, it is recommended that you replace the paste once a year or more.

I’d say it’s best to replace it after 3–5 years based on my experience. After 5 years, you are likely to experience overheating issues.

My previous laptop had this problem, and at first, all I did was clean out the dust, which helped, but the laptop would still overheat and flans would blow over time.

I put it to the test by using software to monitor CPU temperatures, which reached nearly 100 degrees Celsius.

Immediately, there was a difference after removing the CPU paste, which had become dry and solid.

The temperature of the CPU would now be below 60 degrees Celsius, and it would run much more smoothly.

So how long does thermal paste last?

I hope this post helps you understand the thermal paste life span.

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