As above so below meaning and how it originates

You must have heard or read about “As above so below” and wonder what you possibly be the meaning.

This post is aimed at sharing with you the exact meaning of as above so below and how it originates.

The phrase ”as above, so below” has many interpretations or meanings.

It is widely used across different fields and each field comes with different meanings.

While some see this as a mere idiomatic expression, many others have come to realize it is deeper than that.

This is because of the use of the phrase in occultic gatherings.

Generally, the phrase ”as above, so below” is used to mean that whatever we see here on earth is a representation of what is going on in heaven.

Beyond this general meaning, there are specific meanings that come in similar patterns.

It is usually an explanation to show that the same sequence of operation occurs in two mediums where one is earthly and the other is above the earth.

As above so below origin

The phrase is known to be of Hermetic text origin.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is an Olympian god who learned about the universe from Poimandres.

He then teaches others.

In teaching others Hermetic text originates.

Although, Hermetic texts are used to teach and explain philosophical, occultic, and religious views.

This is where different meanings originated from.

Astrologers use the phrase to mean that the arrangement of the solar system has the same system built with the structures of the earth.

In other words, just as the things in the solar system look like in appearance and structure, the things on earth take the exact shape.

This means there is no difference between the solar system and the earth.

In Hermetic Axiom, it is used to mean that the way things are in the lower self, so they are in the higher self.

The term ”higher self” and ”lower self” are used to mean spiritual and physical personalities respectively.

So, it is used to teach that one needs to maintain a balance in these two self cadres. It is a practice in the occultic to balance the lower self with the higher self.

In religion, it does stand for the reality of things and existence for things on earth and in heaven.

This is simply expressed as; as it is in heaven, so it is on earth.

Basically, it just expresses that the same activities occur on these two planes.

This is well expressed in different Bible passages.

An example is in Matthew 6:10 when it says your (God) will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Well, the phrase ”as above, so below” is also being used in our daily communication.

It goes beyond carrying a sacred meaning in occultic, religion, and astrology.

It is also loosely used to mean that things are the same on two different platforms or levels of existence for things and people.

This has been used in the expression in literature and everyday communication.