Home depot store credit balance

Home depot store credit balance

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Home depot store credit balance

One of the ways to getting this done is by calling 800–466–3337.

When you are connected and the automated starts talking to you, simply press 1 and then 6.

What this does is that it will direct your call to the card department.

They are the ones with the information you need, your home depot store credit balance.

To speak with a live person, you might want to say “representative,” a couple of times.

Alternatively, you can walk into any Home Depot store, and there, they will check your card for you and tell you how much you have in there.

Since I’ve worked at Home Depot’s customer service desk, some folks have referred to store credit as a credit card, which is a different story.

To find out how much your credit card balance is, dial the phone number on the back of the card.

If you present your credit card at the register, you’ll be directed to the Service Desk, where you’ll probably be told the same thing.

They’ll most likely call for you, but it doesn’t matter.

As said earlier, there are many ways to check your balance.

There is a lot of information at the back of your credit card, not just the phone number to call.

You can also see your information with your username and password at the Home Depot credit card website.

You can service your bills using both methods.

After you use your card, a good retailer may write the remaining balance on the back of your card so you don’t have to keep receipts.