Fedex Tracking Guide — Messages and what they mean

I’ve actually written about some FedEx tracking messages separately and what they mean.


But this page is sharing comprehensively the FedEx tracking message and what they mean.

This will help you know exactly what to do when you are tracking your shipment and getting any tracking message at any given time.

Do you know where your package is right now?

Do you need to track your shipment or package and know where it is?

Don’t worry, because thanks to FedEx, which makes online package tracking available to you, you will be able to track your shipments.

Fedex Package Tracking

The FedEx form for tracking your packages is extremely simple and intuitive.

Knowing the status of your shipments will take less than a minute.

You just need to know what the steps are to be able to track FedEx packages, and we will present the steps below. . .

Step-by-step guide to follow and track your package?

There are several methods you can use to track your package and I will list them below:

#1: Tracking by number

This is the tracking that is done using the unique tracking code.

  • First, go to FedEx packages tacking page
  • You will have 3 options when you land on the page
  • You can choose between:
    • Tracking number
    • Track by reference
    • Get proof of delivery
  • For this type of tracking, simply choose the tracking number option.
  • What follows is to enter the number or tracking code.
  • Click the Track button.

With this you will get the status of your shipment instantly, you can search for multiple tracking numbers with the option “Multiple tracking numbers”.

#2: Tracking Using Referral Tracking

If you do not have the tracking number, FedEx also gives you the option of tracking without tracking number as mentioned earlier, you can also do it with the reference number.

This number is on the payment invoice for the shipment you made.

These are the steps:

  • As with the previous option, you must first enter the previous link.
  • Now choose the option to track by reference number.
  • You can enter up to 30 reference numbers.
  • Enter the number(s).
  • Indicate the country or territory from which you send it.
  • Then indicate the postal code of the place of destination of the shipment(s).
  • Then indicate the date of the shipment(s).
  • You have the option to indicate the account number, which is recommended.
  • Finally, click on the Track button.

Types of States of a Package

There are two essential types of States of a package in FedEx, it is important that you know these types of States so that when you obtain the result of your online tracking you can understand the status of your package.

In this sense, the types of status of a package in FedEx are:

  • Status Exception.
  • Status In transit.

Here are their meanings:

#1: Exception Status

This status means that the scheduled shipment of your package has been prevented by some kind of unexpected event.

The cases in which your package could be delayed due to an event that causes it to be in Exception status are:

  • Customs delay.
  • When proceeding to the delivery of the package nobody receives it.
  • A holiday is going through.
  • The documentation is incomplete.
  • Among others.

If your package is in this state, you can contact customer service.

#2: Status In transit

This means that your package is going via the final destination.

Now, keep in mind that this status does not mean that your package is in the delivery vehicle, such as an airplane, delivery van, or truck.

What the status “In transit” means is that the package is already at the FedEx facilities from where the delivery will be made, or where the recipient can go to pick up their shipment.

Other types of status

In addition to the previous two, which we consider the most specific, you can also find the following status in your tracking and these are their meanings:

  • Shipping information sent to FedEx : This status corresponds to when you have requested that FedEx go for your package, it means that it is about to be collected.
  • The package was collected by FedEx: When it has already been collected and is going to the office of origin.
  • Left the FedEx station of origin: It means that the package has already left the operations center and is going to the city where it will be delivered.
  • At the local FedEx station: It means that it arrived at the destination point, so its handling will continue to be from the local FedEx office.
  • At destination sorting station: It means that the local delivery process has already started, in this process it is decided which staff will deliver the package.
  • In the FedEx vehicle for delivery: It means that your package is on its way to the delivery address.
  • The shipment was delivered: This means that it has already been successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • The package has been returned: This status occurs when for external reasons the shipment could not be delivered.

These are the states in which your packages can be found, so keep these explanations in mind that way you will be able to know the status of your shipments in each query.

FedEx guides (explained)

A shipping guide is an internal number that is assigned by a courier and parcel company, in order to be able to know all the information of the package through tracking.

So the guide allows the company, the recipient, and the sender to know the route or if it has reached its destination.

In this sense, all companies have different characteristics for their shipping guides, in the specific case of FedEx these are the characteristics and aspects related to the shipping guide:

  • The waybill is made up of 12 digits.
  • This guide or 12 digits are located on the label.
  • It is easy to identify since the guide is announced with the acronym: “TKR#”, which means “Tracking Number”.

Types of Services

FedEx ships a number of services that are ideal for shipping and logistics management.

With its services, it has coverage in approximately 220 countries and territories around the world.

That is why today it is one of the best options in the world for the safe delivery of parcels.

These are the star services of FedEx:

  • Export: you can make international shipments of packages, documents, and heavy objects.
  • Import: you can make the same shipments as in the previous option.
  • National: national shipments of packages, documents, and heavy shipments.
  • Shipping center: packages and national and international documents.

As you can see, they are services that adapt to the needs of all types of users.

Depending on your shipping needs, whether as a natural person or as a company, you can always explore the FedEx options and thus choose the most appropriate service.

What is FedEx express?

FedEx Express is a company with a good reputation in the shipping market, it is considered an airline and logistics company.

It is of American origin, however, it currently has international coverage, in more than 220 countries today.

The original name, with which it was founded, is Federal Express.

The company was founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith in Little Rock.

It is a great option for the shipping service for its safe and high-quality services, for the comforts that it currently offers with its online tools and resources.

FedEx Express and the money-back guarantee

If you’re wondering if FedEx offers a money-back guarantee, the answer is yes for all International Priority shipments.

Through this guarantee, if your FedEx Express package is delivered at least 60 seconds after the scheduled time for delivery, then you can rightly request a refund of the cost of your shipment, although you must bear in mind that conditions apply.

You just need to know the FedEx conditions of carriage.

If the refund applies, then you can send an email to customer service to request the refund.

Shipping Quote

Another of the most advantageous tools that FedEx puts at your disposal is the shipping quote, which allows you to know the cost of a shipment through variables such as weight, size, and the place where you will send your package.

This is how you can save yourself the time of traveling to a branch to obtain this information.

To use the FedEx quote you only need to have an internet connection, and thus use the tool for an instant result on which your shipping decision will depend.

Here are the simple, easy, and quick steps to take advantage of the FedEx quote:

  • Go to: FedEx Quote
  • Enter the information requested on the platform: where you are sending the package from, the destination and date on which you will make the shipment, as well as the weight and number of packages that you will send.
  • Click quick estimate.

This is how you can obtain information about the cost of your shipment and also the approximate delivery time.

How to claim a shipment?

In the event that your package arrives damaged, you can always make a shipping claim, the same applies if it is damage or loss of the package.

FedEx will respond to your claim request by applying the corresponding guarantee.

In this sense, the steps to make a shipping claim are as follows:

  • The first thing you should do is download the FedEx Express claim form, and then fill it out, this format is in PDF and you can download it at this address:
  • Secondly, gather all the documentation that is needed in relation to the proof of the value of your shipment, so that it can be verified and the reimbursement can be calculated according to the guarantee that applies to your claim. These documentations can be:
      • Copy of the original invoice from the seller or supplier of the package you have sent.
      • It can be a copy of the invoice or retail receipt.
      • Final confirmation screen, in the case of online order.
      • Itemized repair bill or statement of no repair.
      • Expense report.
      • Or other related documents.
  • After gathering the documentation, send it along with the form to customer service via email.

Now, keep in mind that the claim must be submitted within 21 days of delivery if it is a case of a damaged package.

If it is not a claim for damages, but for loss of the package during the FedEx delivery process, you can send the documentation and the form within a period of 9 months from the moment you made the delivery at the FedEx office.

FedEx for shipping.

Can I get a copy of the Guide delivered and signed?

If you need a copy of the delivered and signed guide, to verify that it has been received and thus avoid claims by the recipient, you can also have it with FedEx.

Keep in mind that once the delivery has been made, you will be able to view the image of the signed guide on the website, and you will also be able to download it or obtain a copy by email.

To do this, you only have to access the online signed proof of delivery tool, placing the guide number that has been delivered.

For you to have more clarity about it, here are the steps:

  • First enter the FedEx account number, which is 9 digits.
  • If this account number matches the sender or payer of the shipment, then you will have access to the signature proof of delivery information.
  • This information includes:
      • Full name of the contact.
      • Company name.
      • Address.
      • City
      • State or province.
      • Postal code and country.
      • All this sender and recipient information.
  • Without the account number, you will only have the signature available.
  • Please note that both the signature image and additional recipient information are not available in all countries.

FedEx App to Track Your Waybills

The FedEx mobile app is another option to track shipments, it represents one of the easiest because its interface is very friendly, and it also offers a series of additional advantages to tracking packages or guides.

You can take advantage of the steps to track guides with the FedEx Mobile App, we present them below:

  • You must download the application first, for this you can do it from an iOS or from the Android operating system, depending on the Smartphone you use.
  • Download the FedEx app.
  • After having the download done, you must capture the barcode of your shipping guide, you must do this with the camera of your device.

With these steps, you will be able to see on the screen of your cell phone all the updated and detailed information on the status of your shipment.

Thus knowing if it is en route or if the package has already been delivered.

As you can see, the FedEx Mobile App also makes it easy for you to track your package.

Advantages of tracking parcels online

Now that you know more about FedEx and its services, take advantage of the benefits and advantages that you can find in its package or shipment tracking platform.

Keep in mind that with a single click you can get updates on your shipments.

Here are the advantages of online package tracking:

  • It is a fast, simple, and practical tool.
  • You can track packages in real-time, without the need to log in.
  • With a single click, you receive updates.
  • You can check the status of all shipments in a single interface.

These are advantages to take advantage of with FedEx.

Telephones and service points

If you want to know the service points closest to your home, you don’t have to look for a guide and locate them manually, because FedEx makes the whole process easy for you.

It puts at your disposal its branch locator, very intuitive and easy to use.

It is an online tool with which it will not take more than 5 minutes to locate the closest FedEx offices to where you are.

You just have to take the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the online tool, through the following link:
  • Then, locate the field where you can place a reference point of where you are, or the exact address if you wish or have that information at hand.
  • Then choose what you want to do at the point of service, you have three options: generate a shipping label, deliver your labeled package to the office and obtain packaging services.
  • By choosing the option you need, you will immediately obtain a result of branches near your home.

As for the contact numbers with FedEx, you can access them through the number: 01.800.00.333.39.

This number is at your disposal 24 hours a day throughout the year.