Boost mobile PUK code — What you need to know

Boost mobile PUK code

PUK (Personal Unlock Key) is an 8-digit personal code that is linked to your mobile phone’s SIM card.

It is used to protect your Mobile SIM card.

However, there are several reasons why you need to know your PUK code.

It is connected with your SIM card, not your phone, and therefore, there will be several cases in which you will need it to unlock your phone.

It would not be so good if you don’t know your PUK code when your boost mobile requests for it.

Furthermore, there are times that you would want to change your current service provider without changing your phone number, you will need your 8 digit PUK code for this.

If you don’t know it yet, how then do you get a PUK code to unlock your boost mobile?

The PUK for your SIM card is meant to be on your boost mobile.

Your default sim lock code is 0000 but you can customize it yourself.

If you forgot what you used after customizing it, you won’t be able to unlock your phone without the code.

Note that you will not have access to operate the phone either.

In as much as you still have the SIM card in your phone, it will always request the code before you can operate the phone.

Listed below are several ways in which you can get your PUK code to unlock your boost mobile.

  1. Get your sim card pack – It doesn’t matter if it is a recent or old one. Often, the PUK code is printed on it, check the card that came with your sim. It should be printed on it. However, if you can’t find it on your sim card pack, then you should contact the retailer. Once you get it, you should save it somewhere confidential.
  2. Call your network provider – If you can’t get your PUK code from any of the above-mentioned personnel, you should try to call your network provider. Not all mobile networks usually have a PUK code on their SIM card pack, you should contact the network provider instead. However, you would need to provide a means of identification to be sure if you are the owner of the mobile phone

You can also check the internet for your PUK code.

All you need to do is to log in to your network provider’s website, navigate through it to get your PUK code.

Note that you’ll need a means of identification here too.

If you know your mobile number, name, and date of birth written correctly, then, getting your PUK code should not be such a herculean task.

After getting the code, the next thing is to enter it into the space provided.

For different phones, it takes a different process.

However, a new PIN will be requested.

Enter the new PIN, re-enter it again for confirmation.

You should be able to access your phone afterward.