7 facts about bisexual women worth knowing

Dating bisexual women is a dream both men and women share.

Something’s tempting about being with someone who likes more genders.

It makes a person feel special because she could pick anyone.

But don’t take bisexual women for granted.

They’re human beings with feelings, not sex toys for immature singles.

Read this carefully…

It’ll help you connect with bisexual women and prevent you from causing any unpleasant situations.

First, we’ll share some tips for meeting and approaching bi girls.

Then we’ll mention facts about bisexual ladies that will help you understand them better.

How to approach bisexual women (tips for men and women)

Approaching bisexual women are much simpler for men than for women.

Men don’t have to worry about wrong guesses.

If they think a girl is bisexual, they can approach her the same if she’s straight.

That takes a lot of pressure off their backs.

However, men still need to be careful.

Their reaction when a girl shares her sexual orientation says a lot about them.

Immature jokes won’t help.

Questions you’d expect from inexperienced teenagers do more damage than anything else.

So guys looking for bisexual women should act normal.

That’s their best chance.

Girls are in a worse position because they can get into awkward situations.

Approaching random girls is risky because if they aren’t bisexual, they can have unexpected reactions.

Looking for bi women in 2SLGBTQIA+ bars reduces the risk of meeting straight girls.

However, it’s more likely girls will meet gay instead of bisexual women there.

Online dating has the lowest risk rate for women seeking bisexual girls.

The reason for that is simple.

Every girl on the bisexual female dating site joined there knowing it’s a site for bi girls.

Not straight or gay.

All the girls there are attracted to men and women, but they use the site to connect with local girls.

Their reasons are different, but all find success in the same way.

Live chatting with girls they like lets them run through the community and pick the best matches.

bisexuals aren’t attracted to everyone everywhere!

Ignorant people think bisexuals are horny all the time because they’re attracted to everyone they see.

That would be the same as straight women are attracted to every man they see.

Imagine that world.

Nothing would make sense.

Everyone could be with everyone, our personalities would perish, and we’d turn into robots.

Humans aren’t that simple.

bisexuals aren’t attracted to everyone because they like more genders.

It means they like men and women.

Each of them has a unique taste for partners, the same as every other person.

Bisexual women don’t cheat more than straight women

bisexual women aren’t sluts, and they don’t cheat because they’re bi.

Cheating is a personal trait that has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

If someone is a cheater, they’ll cheat (although people can change).

bisexual women are faithful when they’re in committed relationships.

Their partners usually suffer more in imagination than in reality.

Many bisexual women develop anxiety

This topic doesn’t get enough attention because bisexuals sometimes feel like they don’t belong anywhere.

bisexual girls don’t feel like they’re part of the straight community because they aren’t.

But some 2SLGBTQIA+ members don’t consider them gay enough to belong to their community.

That pulls many girls into loneliness and anxiety.

Having someone to talk to is the key in such situations, although some girls never speak about their issues.

Suicide Attempt Rate Among bisexual Women is High In Some Countries

Another shocking fact about bisexuals is related to suicide.

Luckily, the suicide rate isn’t as high.

But in some countries, many bi women think about taking their lives or even try to do it.

The research from 2016 showed that 40% of high school students in the US seriously considered suicide.

Those are people in their most sensitive period.

That’s the same age when some men stop growing.

It can be too much for some because high schools aren’t friendly toward different people.

Considering suicide means they’re suffering and don’t see the way out.

Some Bisexual Women Never Tell Friends and Family They’re Bi

Surprisingly, it’s common among bisexual women to keep their sexuality hidden from close people.

They think it’s worth mentioning because it doesn’t change anything.

They look for bi-women on dating sites or visit gay bars.

Some bisexual women even get married and never speak about the other side of their sexuality to their partners.

Bisexual Women Aren’t More Likely to Have STDs

Being bisexual doesn’t make women public transportation for STDs.

It’s not true that bisexuals have sex with more partners than people of other sexual orientations, either.

They can have different levels of libidos, the same as everybody else.

As long as they’re using protection, you don’t have to worry about STDs in relationships with bi-women.

They Are Still Women

People sometimes forget bisexual ladies are still ladies.

They like surprises, small tokens of affection, romantic date nights.

They love men and women who remember that.

bisexual women aren’t that different from straight or gay women, but some feel like they don’t belong.

Some facts on this list are warnings for the whole society.

But luckily, others show that dating bisexual girls is pure pleasure.