Exercises to help grow shorter

For some time now, there have been arguments about reducing your height via exercises.

If this is your search, then you are on the right page.

We will need to discuss this to see if it is possible based on veritable facts and observation.

Let’s start the discussion right away.

Different people across the globe for different reasons have had to work on their bodies to achieve certain body desires for shapes or sizes.

The emphasis has always been on either shape or size.

People that are fat, want to get thinner while those that are thin want to get fatter.

And short people want to get taller and vice versa.

Over the years four major tools have been used to achieve either of these body goals.

These tools include nutrition, exercise, drugs, and surgery.

With these tools, people have reduced body mass, and increased their height but we are yet to find those that have reduced their height with any of these tools.

So, the question borders on whether it is possible to reduce one’s height.

Our focus is on using exercise to reduce height.

First, is it possible to reduce the height at all?

There is no record of anyone reducing height.

The question will be if the bones reduce which is not possible.

At least not yet proven.

Even for the old men that appear shorter as they age, it occurs because many have their posture badly impacted.

So, it is actually the badly impacted posture that makes it look like they are shorter.

Exercise has been used over the years to achieve different body goals.

This includes building muscles, slimming down, height increase, etc.

To think of using exercise to grow shorter is impossible.

But there are known facts that some exercise may help to halt height increase.

This means those exercises can only stop the height increase, they cannot reduce the height.

So, if you are willing to stop the height increase, then you can work out with exercises that impact the lower back, press down the shoulder, and compress the spine.

Exercises like this will halt the height increase.

However, many people also believe that if these exercises are done for a long time, it will appear that the height has reduced because the person may not even be able to squat anymore.

This is why many agreed that these exercises reduce height.

Apart from this option of exercise to reduce height, some other people make use of nutrition to get fatter.

When they get fatter, it may appear like have become shorter.

There is no actual height reduction, it is the same height, the increase in other body parts may have made it look like a reduction in height.

This option is not by exercise, it is by nutrition and it does not reduce the height in the real sense.

I do believe that with this, you have an understanding of how these things work.

So, if it is your goal to reduce your height, please talk to your doctor before you try out anything.

It’s your health and life, you need to be careful with it!

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