5 best Einthusan alternatives for free video streaming

If for any reason you do not want to continue streaming videos on Einthusan anymore, I will share with you some good Einthusan alternatives right here to check out.

Einthusan is an Indian video and movie streaming platform.

It offers people the opportunity to watch movies without charging them any fee, unlike many other platforms where you have to pay a subscription monthly to access them.

They’ve not only made video streaming less expensive but also given lovers of Bollywood and other Southern Asian films across the globe the opportunity to stream for free.

Most of its content is underrated by many people who term it a low-budget movie streaming platform.

Nonetheless, it’s still serving people with thousands of licensed Asian movies and videos.

However, the issue with this platform is that it has many unresolved issues.

They’ve been accused of piracy and copyright violations despite their license.

In view of this, you might as well look for alternatives if you find this and its other cons offensive.

So we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to have Einthusan or a better experience at a low cost.

Top 5 Einthusan Alternatives


Hotstar is one of the best platforms where you can find different kinds of Indian video content.

One thing that makes Hotstar an edge over other top platforms is that you’ll always find popular movies, soap operas, and series there.

You only pay $9.99/month to access this service I believe it is relatively cheap when we compare its price to what you are getting.


Erosnow is an Indian video streaming platform that offers you access to over 12,000 videos.

The platform was created by the popular Bollywood media group known as Eros.

Erosnow offers movies in almost all Indian regional languages, such as Hindu, Urdu, and lots others.

The platform is very similar to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos as most of its movies are owned by them, so there’s no illegality or related issue like Euthusan.

Plus, it’s way cheaper when compared with Amazon and Netflix.

A monthly subscription is pocket friendly.


Spuul is another great alternative to Einthusan.

It’s an Indian-based movie and video content streaming platform with about 50 million users.

When you sign up, you can view over 100 live channels with a free trial.

The platform has a catalog with more than a thousand movies and hundreds of other video content.

They are also in partnership with different Bollywood production companies, so it’s an ideal platform for Indian movie streaming.


You can have the whole Indian movie experience with Hungama.

They offer one of the cheapest monthly subscriptions among streaming platforms, at just $4 per month.

One can also stream music videos and other video content.


Netflix is a very popular American movie platform known to offer English video content.

However, you can also stream Hindi movies on it since its launch in 2016 in India.

The only issue with these Einthusan alternatives is that it has limited Indian content as most of its videos are mostly in English.

Another thing is that its monthly subscription is more costly than the other alternatives, but it offers the best content.

Bottom Line

All of these platforms are properly licensed and have no or little grey areas.

Plus, their content is premium, unlike Einthusan, which gives you underrated or non-premium content.

As much as you want Indian movies, all of these streaming platforms offer them at a reasonable monthly subscription fee.

We consider them the best alternatives to Einthusan.