Cruel animals who hurt others for reasons other than food

You might be shocked to find these things out about cruel animals.

This is one reason you have the post till the end to find out.

It’s surprising to find out that some of the animals are not as innocent as we claim or think they are.

We all know animals especially carnivorous ones kill other animals to survive.

That’s understandable and maybe acceptable.

What do you call those animals that hurt others for no reason?

Some of these reasons may not be sane enough for anyone to kill but that’s what is happening.

There are quite several reasons other than for food and survival why some animals hurt others.

Just as we can see in humans, some of the reasons include the fun of it, ego, self-gratification, immorality, etc.

You probably will have a new look at animals after going through the few examples below. The animal kingdom is not as sane as you thought. It is wild.

— Dogs And Chickens

If you have ever reared chickens in the presence of dogs, you are likely to have experienced this Dog’s brutality against chickens.

A Dog may enter into a pen, kill the chickens there and leave their bodies lying on the ground.

You will be surprised it won’t eat any, not even to tear them apart for their bones.

That type of killing is not for survival, it is simply an act of cruelty.

— Dolphin Gangs

Dolphins are well known as bullies.

One of their bully arts can be seen in their gang forming and dominating on the other groups.

It’s funny, but this is a veritable fact.

They fight and kill each other, not for food or survival but just to show superiority.

Although, it shows Dolphins have a good team spirit but it is played out in the negative part against others.

It’s also surprising that Dolphins use Pufferfish to elate themselves when they catch one.

Dolphins are known to consume their prey as soon as they get them.

In the case of Pufferfish, they first play it around to feel good before ever consuming it.

They play it around for about 30 minutes as if they are playing volleyball.

They do this only to feel good.

— Ducks And Chickens

When you hear rape especially it comes gang-raping.

Those who keep ducks and chickens have had to separate these two sets of animals after learning the hard way.

Male Ducks usually gang r*pe chickens leading to the death of most of these chickens.

So, gang-r*ping exists among animals as well.

If you doubt this, gang-r*ping is a usual occurrence among male goats with a female goat.

— Butterflies

Butterflies are not innocent in the count of uncivilized actions towards each other.

Theirs is a culturally planned r*pe.

Here is how they do it; the male butterflies get into a contest and the winner gets the prize of having the singular honor to r*pe a young female butterfly.

Once the female butterfly hatches out of the chrysalis, the winner of the contest r*pes her immediately.

So, it’s not only humans that have barbaric cultures, even the animals are guilty.

Apart from the above-listed examples, some animals k*ll for the fun of it.

They love the feeling they get while chasing other animals and when they eventually get hold of them, they kill them.

Other animals kill because of the fear of what other animals may do to them.

It’s just kind of self-defense before something gets out of hand that they won’t be able to control.

Which other cruel animal do you know that hurts others for reasons?

Be kind enough to share.