EEC 61 code Freightliner — What it means and how to resolve

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“Resolving a Freightliner code EEC 61”

EEC 61 is never a good code that any Freightliner user would want to see.

Long-haul trucking is a difficult job with tight deadlines and even smaller profit margins.

When something goes wrong on a run, such as the Freightliner code EEC 61, you need solutions quickly.

That’s why a lot of truckers seek the help of mechanics/experts both online and offline.

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EEC 61 code Freightliner

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EEC 61 generally means that the After-treatment control module has a problem. The engine’s after-treatment system is controlled by this module.

Your Check Engine and/or Maintenance lights will both be lit at the same time.

The light that looks like a solid yellow engine is the maintenance light.

Make sure your DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank is half-full; your DEF level is indicated by four green squares on your fuel gauge.

It will throw an EEC61 if your DEF is low, but you must fill the DEF tank half or more.

After a few minutes of driving, the light should turn off after three key cycles. IF THIS IS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

If you don’t fill it up, the engine will degrade to 25%, and if you keep driving, it will degrade to 5 miles per hour.

This is simply a tidbit of information; ideally, the DEF is low.

The DEF system executes a purge sequence to empty the lines if the vehicle was low on air pressure when you shut it off; if it does not detect air pressure, it will set this as well.

Unless you run into the DEF issue I mentioned earlier, it’s driveable. If the problem persists, I recommend taking it to the local dealer.

Freightliner truck maintenance tips that will help mitigate EEC 61 error

Of course, there’s no solution for avoiding having to repair something in the first place.

Following a reasonable maintenance schedule will help you avoid breakdowns by spotting issues early.

The recommended maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for your make and model can be found in your owner’s handbook.

Before embarking on any long journey, make sure to check the following:

  • Check your oil level.
  • Check your radiator and overflow bottle. Check out for possible leakages!
  • Test the air pressure in your tires.
  • If the truck has been parked for a few days, check the fuel vent.
  • Keep an eye out for squealing or vibrating brakes, and have them checked often.

You’ll want to increase the frequency of maintenance checkups as your car becomes older.

If you begin to receive fines from the FMCSA for CSA breaches, it’s a strong indication that you should increase the frequency of your maintenance inspections.

If you’re out on a lengthy run and run into a problem like Freightliner code EEC 61, don’t panic.

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