Does Walmart drug test? Find out here

does Walmart drug test

Does Walmart drug test?

This a very big question among people looking forward to working with Walmart.

Get in here to find out the simple and straightforward answer to this question.

After reading this post, you will know whether or not Walmart drug test.

If you do drugs and wish to work with Walmart, it is important that you have this at your fingertip.

The employees and managers may say they don’t but how true could that be?

What if they surprise you with the test?

Assume that they will do since it is in their policy.

There should be absolutely nothing to worry about whether or not they do if you have nothing to get caught at.

If you have something to get caught at, there are two things to do.

Either get off the drugs, clean up your act and reapply.

Better still, you can find a job in other online retails stores or elsewhere.

Walmart will not hire someone they cannot rely on.

They believe you will come with excuses the next working day after the party and they don’t want that to happen.

So staffs with too many ill reports have lost their jobs even after working for more than 10 years.

A friend told me that they used to do it for all the positions and definitely for cashiers.

He said that out of the 5 times he had started as a front-end cashier, he had to go through the process 4 times.

According to him, by the fifth time, they have stopped the drug test and he didn’t go through the process anymore.

This happened about 3 years ago.

But the situation may vary in your own case depending on the position you’ve applied, and the store.

So does Walmart drug test?

As I just stated above, it probably varies from store to store.

Harry may not have been tested for drugs in store A but Chris will be tested in B.

Or unless there are high drug suspicions in the store or there is an on-the-job injury.