Cotosen Reviews — Is it a legit or a scam Fashion store?

Is Cotosen legit or a scam fashion store?

After reading through the reviews from people who have shopped from Cotosen, you will use your sense of judgment to give the verdict if Cotosen is a legit or a scam fashion store.

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Then stay glued so you decide whether or not to buy from Costosen.

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What is Cotosen

First of all, let’s give you an idea of what Cotosen is so you better understand other parts of this article.

Cotosen is a global online retailer of apparel with a focus on selling tops, pants, accessories, footwear, luggage, and other gear for tactical and outdoor sports.

The company started in September 2020, and its philosophy of “Life is an adventure” has guided it ever since.

Combining ease, comfort, and design with function, and according to them, they ship to over 100 countries in the world.

Cotosen is based in Hong Kong.

So if you were asking for Cotosen location, now you know that it is located in Hong Kong.

Cotosen Reviews

This review about Cotosen is gauged using reviews from real-time users of Cotosen.

Frankly speaking Cotosen has gotten a lot of bad reviews since its launch.

In my own opinion, maybe they are yet to master their craft, that is why these negative reviews are trooping in.

Cotosen on Trustpilot being one of the most popular business review sites is very poor.

Over 90% of the reviews generated on Trustpilot about Cotosen are negative reviews.

That’s not a pass mark at all.

Not to talk of the comment these individual reviewers are leaving.

From the ones I’ve read, people are complaining about delayed delivery of the items ordered.

Also when eventually delivered, it varies from what was actually ordered and is of a lower quality compared to what was displayed.

While others are leaving negative comments, others are saying is legit and it’s safe to shop from.

My position about Cotosen

It’s really risky to use the Cotosen platform. Although they do look to be real at first look, there are many things you should be mindful of.

To begin with, they are registered privately and have unknown owners. Information on how to reach them is provided, however, it is impossible to confirm where they actually are due to those details.

They deliver poor customer service and huge discounts that are just too good to be true.

They have received poor reviews on the most well-known forums due to the problems many individuals have had with them.

Their exchange and refund policies are very complicated, thus it is obvious that they are not there to make the customer’s life simple.

You can get shocking details about how the customers were treated by searching for their Trustpilot page on Google.

It is obvious from the statistics that we should avoid them.


The trust rating for Cotosen is quite low.

The website may be safe to use, but there is a strong indication that it is a scam site.

Use these statistics to gauge the trustworthiness and decide whether or not to shop on their platform.