Causes of armpit stretch marks

Causes of armpit stretch marks

Armpit stretch marks?

Not to worry, you will get to find out the causes of armpit stretch marks right here.

Knowing the cause will guide you on how to tackle it.

The presence of stretch marks has always been a major concern.

This is because of the looks on the skin.

Stretch marks can appear on the skin of any part of the body.

Right now, we are considering the armpit.

Although, the fight to get off stretch marks requires the input of a dermatologist.

Before we launch a fight against stretch marks, it’s ideal for us to know the cause, especially for the armpit.

Most people are quick to attribute weight gain as the cause of stretch marks.

While this may be true, there are intricacies to understanding the causes of stretch marks in the armpit region of the skin.

And for the stretch marks on the armpits, there are things to understand.

Although it may not be a visible part of the body it is still a concern.

Taking it off or preventing it will help to boost self-love.

Causes of armpit stretch marks

First, we need to understand that there are two major paths to the appearance of stretch marks.

The two paths can influence the appearance of stretch marks on the armpit.

These paths are dermal tears and small micro stretch marks.

I know they sound like some medical terms right now, please be patient enough to get what it means.

Dermal tears are stretch marks that occur when one adds in one part of the body than others.

This addition is usually muscle.

The aftermath effect of the skin stretching around the said area of increase causes visible stretch marks.

If you have such an increase around the chest, and arms, you are most likely going to have stretch marks on the armpit.

People who carry weight may experience dermal tears.

On the other hand, small micro stretch marks come into play when the whole body goes through an increase in a short time.

The effect of the stretching within a short time may result in the stretch mark.

This could be because of an increase in muscle or fats and as the skin stretches to accommodate that, stretch marks emerge.

You are likely to see this in women and weight lifters.

One of the accredited reasons for stretch marks on the armpit may be due to the effect of heavy lifting and other fitness training especially during the early years shortly before puberty.

The sudden rate of growth may move faster than the rate at which the skin can accommodate the growth.

For the skin to match up, stretch marks may be the aftermath of the matching up.

Also, it has been noted that an increase in cortisone may lead to the formation of stretch marks.

Cortisone is a hormone that comes from the Adrenal glands which are not bad in themselves.

It facilitates stretch marks once a surplus of it is in the body system.

This can as well lead to stretch marks on the armpit.

While many may have attributed stretch marks on the armpit in women to pregnancy, it may be right because in pregnancy there is a sudden weight increase which is one of the things discussed above.

So, pregnancy may cause it.

Most women have it after child delivery.

This may be as a result of the body and skin adjusting to accommodate the change.