Body in casket after 2 months

Do you want to see how the body looks in the casket after 2 months?

Here is the place for you.

When people die, their spirit departs immediately.

Actually, the spirit is the person that died.

The body is just the container housing the spirit.

Once the spirit departs, some form of decay begins internally.

The decay continues even after the body is buried till there is no skin left under the ground.

To understand what the corpse will look like after 2 months, it’s great if we follow through the decay process from the moment the deceased person breathes the last air.

Please note that body decay is the next thing after death and that is based on some factors which include but are not limited to moisture, temperature, pH, weather, oxygen levels, dry or wet grave, insects, and cause of death.

Also, how fast or slow decomposition takes place may be determined by if the body was embalmed or not and for how long.

The major reason people embalm corpses is to delay the decay.

But if the body is not embalmed, serious decomposition can start as soon as 12 hours.

This is in line with other factors listed above playing their individual roles.

Blood settles in the body parts close to the ground forming the post mortem stain.

The body may begin to decompose between 24 hours and 72 hours after death.

This decomposition is internal decay affecting the organs and internal tissues.

This may be enhanced by enzymes eating the cells internally which leads to the emergence of bad odor.

At this point, the skin layer especially the top layer will begin to lose out.

After three days, the body will begin to bloat.

This is caused by the fluid and gas in the body system.

This will continue till it reaches about 5 days after which blood will begin to leak out of the nose and the mouth.

At this point, serious decay of internal organs and tissues is heightened.

At about eight days, the color of the body begins to change with patches.

This is then followed by the protruding tongue.

For weeks, the nails and the hair starts to be very visible.

At this point, some people believe the nails and hairs are growing but that’s not true.

It only becomes more pronounced because the skin or body is decomposing making it smaller compared to the nails and hairs.

It’s all part of the aftermath of a death.

At two months after the death, the whole body must have decomposed a great deal with some part liquifying already.

By now the nails and hair must have fallen off.

Only God knows what the smell will scent like at this point.

If a normal person perceives it, I don’t think he can survive it.

At some point, everything will eventually go back to earth including the casket used for the burial.

The moral of everything is that all is vanity.

The earth that you can’t allow to touch your clothes will eventually suck you up after the decay.

Death is inevitable we all will part this earth through it.

So get prepared.

The account you have read above about body decay is the same thing your body will go through.

I would also love to show you some pictures of the body in a casket after 2 months but that will be too scary and disturbing.