BR to BR bank statement meaning

Seeing BR to BR in your bank statement may through you into deep thinking.

What could be the meaning and what effect does it has on your bank account?

In this post, I will share with you the information I have about br to br rbc so your mind can at least be at rest.

Recently, I published FM deposit hold-see SM which is one of the strange reports users get in the bank statement with TD bank.

You can look that up if you’ve had that in your statement, too.

Back to the topic of the day, “what does br to br mean on my bank statement?”

BR to BR bank statement meaning

BR to BR means bank reconciliation in simple terms.

This means that some reasons prompted an adjustment to your account.

In such cases, you may have to reach out to your bank personally to ask for details of the adjustment.

To further explain this, I want to quote Wikipedia:

“a bank reconciliation is a process that explains the difference on a specified date between the bank balance shown in an organization’s bank statement, as supplied by the bank, and the corresponding amount shown in the organization’s own accounting records.

Such differences may occur, for example, because

  • cheques issued by the organization have not been presented to the bank
  • a banking transaction, such as a credit received, or a charge made by the bank, has not yet been recorded in the organization’s books
  • either the bank or the organization itself has made an error.”

You must also note your APRs from your BACS.

Trust me, there can be loads of gibberish terms that you can see on your bank statement.

These gibberish terms can also be found on your utility bills and credit card statement.

This is why I said you might have to check individually with your bank to be sure of the adjustment meant that has or is about to be made.

But most of the time when you get this br to br RBC it generally means that things are not day-to-day up to date.