Best fake ATT disconnected text message to send someone

If you need ideas for fake ATT disconnected text messages, then this post is for you.

A lot of times we get too many calls from people we don’t want to have anything to do with.

The female folks will be familiar with this.

You get guys that are disturbing you for a relationship but they don’t look like your type, you can as well use one of those fake ATT disconnected text messages to get them off.


What is a fake ATT disconnected text message?

Well, just as it sounds.

They are fake messages sent to people to make them believe the lies in the text message.

It is often used to get people off your radar.

For instance, if someone keeps calling to affiliate himself with you and you don’t want such affiliation, you may send one of those messages to them to stop them.

You will see lots of fake ATT disconnected messages that have worked for many people.

You can as well try them if it works for you.

It is also possible to write out your own based on the situation or need for it.

Below are a few examples of fake ATT disconnected text message;

“The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service”

“Sorry that didn’t work, lets try to connect you with someone that can help. Reply with ready to get started.”

“Sorry, the number you are trying to call is no longer in use”

“You may have dialed a wrong number (dialed number), it appears this number is not assigned to anyone”

“The number you called is unable to take calls. Kindly try some other time as it is disconnected”

“This number (dialed number) is no longer in use, please contact the service provider for more information”

This concept originates from the fact that you cannot contact anyone through a disconnected phone.

So, when anyone gets a message that such a mobile number is no longer in service or disconnected, they simply know that is the end of them trying to reach the person through that number.

Interestingly, a few people got smarter to unravel it if the phone is actually disconnected or just makeup to avoid people.

Once they tried to get through with a call and they get a response similar to those fake ATT disconnected text messages, they simply send an SMS to the number.

If the SMS goes and it is delivered, then it’s suspicious.

When it comes to selecting the best fake ATT disconnected text messages, it has to do with the situation that calls for its use.

Different scenarios will require different fake ATT disconnected text messages.

Therefore, there are no best fake ATT disconnected text messages.

There are only the best fake ATT disconnected text messages fitted for situations.

Although some people feel that is not a true test that such an individual has used fake ATT disconnected text messages.

But if the line is truly disconnected, text messages should not be delivered.

That is the rationale behind sending the SMS to confirm if the line is actually disconnected.

Technically, if the SMS is delivered it means the line is still connected and working well.