Moving from Dating to a Strong Relationship

Already dating someone but ready to take it to the next level?

If so, then this is the article you were meant to read!

Going Through the Transitional Period

The first challenge of any relationship is actually finding one!

Some singles still find their partners by luck, through introductions, or just by flirting with a coworker, but many singles head to the Internet to find love.

When singles join various dating platforms, they search for the best, and when they get to Iwantdating, they can find out how extremely helpful it is for singles who want to find a relationship but don’t have the time (or the luck) to go out & actively search for one themselves.

Once they’ve found someone & gone out on a couple of dates, they’re considered to be “dating” this person.

The term “dating” changes meaning over time.

Not too long ago, “dating” someone meant going out on dates with them but didn’t necessarily mean that you were exclusive.

Nowadays, however, the same actions are considered cheating, so what constitutes “dating” really depends on the age of the person you’re asking.

However, everyone knows what a “relationship” is—that doesn’t change! The first step in going from “dating” to a relationship, no matter if you are going to meet in real life after online dating over the Internet or simply on a date with someone you knew since childhood, is establishing exclusivity.

Once both partners have come to the mutual agreement that they will only see each other, they’re made it through the transitional “dating” phase & turned it into an actual relationship!

Be Prepared to Replace “Me” With “We”

The irony of relationships is that although everyone seems to want one, the same people complain about the lack of personal freedoms.

If a person’s planning on being in a serious relationship, they need to be OK with the idea of giving up “Me” in favor of “We.

Naturally, healthy couples won’t do everything together, but they will be together for the vast majority of activities, which highlights why establishing boundaries from the get-go is so important.

If either party has a specific hobby or activity that they enjoy doing solo then they will need to announce this up front; otherwise, an invitation is simply assumed!

That said, it isn’t all bad.

Couples who are truly in love with each other won’t mind going through their everyday lives together.

Most couples will fall into a routine over time, ranging from routine date nights to simply watching their favorite show together every Friday night.

The actual routines will vary per couple, but having these routines is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship.

The best part?

You won’t need to come up with these on your own; they’ll form by themselves!

Try New Things Together

Routines can be helpful, but they can also get extremely boring over time.

This highlights the importance of switching things up every once in a while.

A great way to do this is for couples to make a list of the things they want to try, then replacing date night with one of these outing ideas!

Whether it’s something basic like shopping in a thrift store for goodies or more adventurous (like skydiving), couples have plenty of options when it comes to switching things up.

Forming memories together is also a great bonding experience, which is why couples that try new things together tend to stay together longer.

Truly, the enemy of a long-lasting healthy relationship is monotony!

Relationships aren’t hard, but they are complicated.

Like anything worth your time, they’ll certainly require a lot of effort!

That said, once you scouted the dating sites, learned everything from A to Z about flirting, and found someone you can confidently call your “forever partner” by your side, that means you have something that many people only dream of, so why not find your sweetheart sooner rather than later?

There are memories to be made; go make them together!