Asus laptop battery light blinking orange and green? Here is a FIX

Asus laptop battery light blinking orange and green? I got a fix to the problem that I want to share here with you today.

I shared a similar guide about an Acer laptop battery light blinking orange.

But this one is specifically targeted at users with Asus laptop battery light blinking orange and green.

I got the inspiration for this post when a friend contacted me complaining that his Asus F551m laptop has a battery light blinking problem.

Know my thought?

He is definitely not the only person with this problem so I should share the solution here so that other people Asus laptop battery light blinking problems can come here and get it fixed.

Once you have this battery light blinking either orange or green, it is like you have a battery problem with your laptop.

When the system is on and the charger is plugged in, you will have the green and orange light blink but it is turned off you will have an indication that the battery is charging the power percentage is actually 0%

Not to worry, we’ll fix that together here.

I will walk you through a few actions that you will need to take to help remedy this situation.

Asus laptop battery light blinking orange and green? Here is a FIX

Your laptop battery light blinking orange or green signifies that you have a charging problem.

So long as the laptop is charging when plugged in, you will not have the battery light blinking.


What causes the flashing green and orange led?

It is only when you get to the root of any problem that you can get a lasting solution.

So here I will tell you the possible cause of this led light flashing on your laptop.

There are 3 things that can cause this problem.

  • Battery
  • Charger (Adapter)
  • Motherboard

When you have the green or orange led blinking in your Asus laptop, those are the things to check.

Here is a quick diagnosis;

Turn off your computer completely and try to put it back on with the battery taken out of it and the power adapter plugged in.

If the laptop does not start, it is possible that you are having an adapter problem.

Get a replacement immediately.

But if the reverse is the case, you might want to check out other possible causes of this blinking problem that I stated earlier.

I hope this will help you put an end to your laptop battery light blinking.

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