Acer laptop battery light blinking orange when plugged in [SOLUTION]

Acer laptop battery light flashing orange when plugged

Funny enough I’m writing you this on my Acer laptop.

I’ve had this issue severally with my Acer laptop since I’ve been using it for quite a number of years now.

My Acer laptop battery light blinking orange light when plugged in is the only issue I’ve had with my Acer laptop ever since I got myself this laptop.

Since I’ve had this issue, I had to go in search of a solution to this problem.

When I found the solution to this problem, I could not keep it to myself alone but shared it here so others with a similar problem can get a solution too.

There is always a misconception about this orange battery light blinking when plugged in.

People often think that it’s a battery problem and they will end up buying a laptop battery to replace the old battery, hoping that replacing the laptop battery will fix the orange blinking light in the laptop.

Recently too, I had a Nigerian friend who shared this same issue on Facebook complaining that his laptop battery was faulty.

It was just a suggestion though.

Some of his Facebook friends professed some solutions to help him fix it.

Here is a message from his Facebook timeline;

“I think my “carry come” laptop battery just went into recession. 😢😢 😢

Surely, this world is not my own. So, because I won 10k yesterday, my village people have already planned how I’ll spend it, abi? 😕😕😕

Since last night, I’ve been trying to get the laptop powered without success. Instead, when it’s plugged in, the orange charging light shows for a brief second then starts blinking intermittently.

I’ve scoured online for a possible explanation to this latest issue, and all fingers point to a faulty battery.

Basically, it’s now as good as a desktop 💻, only powered when it’s plugged in (not charging), but goes off immediately there’s a power outage or a disconnection of the adapter plug.

Since I’m no more covered by a warranty, as the laptop is now 3 years old, I’ll have to shop for a new battery soon or risk losing unsaved files while working when plugged in. See my life for outside? 😏 😏 😏

BTW, how much is an Acer battery sef?”

I also contributed to providing solutions to this problem.

I know he is not the only one facing this problem of the Acer laptop light blinking orange when plugged in, that is why I have decided to share the solution here so that other Acer laptop users facing this same issue can also get it resolved in no time.

Why your Acer laptop battery light is blinking orange when plugged in and how to fix it

This issue is usually caused by 2 things.

  • Low power supply from your AC socket outlet
  • Faulty laptop charger / adapter

If you have a faulty laptop charger, you may mistake this battery light blinking to be a battery problem.

Solution: Whenever you have this issue with your laptop battery, try replacing the laptop adapter and hopefully, everything will be fine.

Please make sure that the electric voltage supplied to your socket outlet is enough to power the laptop adapter.

For the indicator in your adapter to light does not mean that the power that is supplied is enough to power the laptop.

Each country has a specified standard electric voltage that should be regulated, make sure you check this.

For the three times, I’ve had this issue with my Acer laptop, that is how I have been fixing it.

Once I replace the laptop charger, the blinking light will stop and the laptop will start charging normally with a steady orange light indicating that the laptop is charging.

If you applied these steps and it did not work for you, do not hesitate to share your questions in the comment section.

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