Are Levi and Mikasa related in attack on Titan?

Few people have asked whether Levi and Mikasa are related in Attack on Titans.

If that is the question you are trying to answer then you are in the right place.

This piece is written to help you unravel the truth about these two.

Let’s examine where their paths cross and establish if they are related or not.

Just be patient to read to the end.

Interestingly, Levi and Mikasa have a number of things in common.

Although this doesn’t primarily suggest that they are related but it also means something.

These two only speak when it is necessary and they are both fiercely loyal.

If you check their personalities, you will discover similarities.

The two are the best fighters of the Sentry Corps as well.

These are paths where their lines met but it doesn’t necessarily they are related.

One of the clues that will show you that there might be a possible relationship between them is the fact that they have the same surname.

That is not coincident.

It is very likely that they may be cousins.

If you take a look at Kenny and Mikasa’s father, you will discover they look alike.

Kenny often mentions “the other branch of the family” which is likely to be referring to Mikasa’s family.

Beyond them looking alike or having the same concept of power, to be able to see that they are related, I may need to remind you of a few scenes and statements, it is only by this that we can be able to establish the truth about how related they are.

I am of the opinion that they are cousins.

Specifically, they are second cousins and I will explain why I think so apart from the above-discussed reason.

There is further proof that they are both second cousins.

This is seen in season 3 on grandpa Ackerman death bed, Kenny told him how he discover his cousin in shiganshina.

The only Ackerman living in shiganshina with his family is Mikasa’s father.

This means that Kuchel, Kenny, and Mikasa’s father are cousins.

Therefore, Levi and Mikasa are second cousins on this basis.

Mikasa and Levi are actually related.

Here is how…

They both have the same concept of power.

Just take a look at their “awakening” moment.

Though they are related because they originate from the same clan, they are never the same.

Levi originates from the original Ackerman family while Mikasa is one of the branches.

Levi is the newer generation of the original Ackerman family but they are both from the same clan.

With these proves, I believe you will agree with me that Levi and Mikasa are both related.

Not just related, that they are actually second cousins.

This teaches that paying attention to small details can unravel hidden truths.

So, always watch while capturing every detail to discover hidden truths.

I believe there are still great things to see.