Witcher 3 max level — Explained

Witcher 3 max level

What is the max level in Witcher 3?

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The level cap in the main game is 70, but you’ll probably have to play New Game+ to get to that point.

The maximum is raised to 100 in Blood and Wine.

Remember that you gain one free Ability Point the first time you reach each Place Of Power.

There are about 24 to 25 of them scattered throughout the game (plus a few in Toussaint – the Blood and Wine section) but no one has properly planned things out yet), and you can reclaim those ability points in New Game+.

You can level up as much as you want.

Note that the game scaling will stop when it gets to around 45 points.

Thereafter, you can level up.

But, finding quests and experience is extremely difficult.

You can, however, begin a new game+ that will carry your character over to the new game, and the game will begin scaling at the level you began the new game+ with.

I was at 80 levels when I finished the main storyline in my new game+, and I still had both DLCs to contend with.

There is really no level cap, although it is difficult to acquire levels when all quests have been completed and there is nothing to hunt.

In conclusion, Witcher 3 has no level cap but I believe this post has explained some things about Witcher 3 max level to you.

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