Why does life suck? You need to read this

Really why does life suck?

I would jokingly say life sucks because it has no teeth ๐Ÿ˜†

Well, I’m just kidding.

Life is filled with ups and downs.

The intensity varies depending on the individual. You may complain about having to climb your apartment’s stairs because the lift repairman failed to show up.

A person who has recently received a prosthesis, on the other hand, may disagree.

Life generally does not suck, but it can suck extremely bad.

A friend once shared how he has been depressed and uses a lot of alcohol to get away from his emotions.

And what it does is, it will take away the bad feelings for a while and comes back worse than it was before.

Why does life suck?

Because sucks to get hurt.

It’s painful to lose someone.

It hurts not to be able to connect with the life you wish to live.

You may take my word for it that there is a lot of hurt behind every anger, frustration, depression, or any other bad emotion.


What hurts most in your life?

It was losing my father for me.

At the same time, I disliked and liked my father.

My father was an emotionally abusive alcoholic.

He couldn’t keep his wits about him and be a true father.

He literally informed me several times that he was not my father.

For an 8-year-old boy, that hurts really bad.

But I still liked him, andย went back to my father; when he was sober, he was OK, but when he was drunk, he was a monster.

Because of him, I have a lot of self-limiting beliefs.

I cleaned his apartment and was sure that he was still alive at the end of the day.

His family was completely uninterested in helping him.

Then he passed away.

Who was to blame for this? Me.

Imagine hearing it when you’re 18 and his family accuses you of not receiving his groceries on time.

I blamed myself because I was the one who was responsible for his care.

Nobody else, not even himself, had any idea what was going on.

So it was my fault.

Before I was 18, I’ve already lost two close friends to gunshots and another to a vehicle accident.

My mother’s best friend took care of me (my mother too, by the way).

He was my ‘father,’ as I called him.

When I did anything bad, I had a serious chat with him.

He procured my prized 18th birthday present for me.

Cancer killed him when I was 21.

So, yeah, life hurts really bad.

I spent almost a decade trying to recover from it all.

I’m almost 30 years old, and I’m still working hard to break free from certain bad habits and memories that impede me from becoming the man I want to be.

In the midst of all of these, life is still amazing.

If I was told that years later, I will be where I am today, I would not have even believed.

Becoming the ladies’ man, living near the beach with a beautiful woman, becoming an uncle, having a family and a new father when my mother remarried.

All of these happened as a single child.

There are many things that need to be changed, and I am working on them.

I don’t really have a career or a specific ability that could help me achieve a successful career because I’ve spent most of my time wasting in past.

I don’t have many friends because I spend so much time alone.

I didn’t have much time to think about the more superficial stuff, like what I like to do, because I had to dive so deep.

What kind of profession do I wish to pursue? But I have a wonderful family, a wonderful partner, and a healthy body that is not addicted to anything.

I exercise, eat a nutritious diet, and do not use drugs, alcohol, or smoke.

My advice is to face your pain.

What is the cause of the pain and why is it there?

Perhaps you should seek counseling.

That may be extremely beneficial.

I’m still thinking about doing some sort of mental therapy to clear some old restricting beliefs from my mind and emotions.

I don’t know you well enough to advise you on what you should do first.

However, I believe you may be aware of what it is.

Follow my advice, you can also drop me a comment.