Why do I feel like I need to hit my head on a wall?

The feeling that you need to hit your head on a wall sounds awful but in a real sense, it does happen to a lot of people.

There is no doubt that it happens, but we need to understand why it happens and possibly provide a remedy.

It’s not a good thing to hurt yourself for any reason.

If you are feeling like that especially when it is often, you need help.

The answers you will get depend on who is answering the question.

This is because such an issue can be viewed from several standpoints.

And sometimes it may be due to different experiences.

So, some may provide answers based on their personal experience.

Whichever way the answer is provided, it remains an issue of concern.

If an African were to provide an answer to anyone with this issue, he is most likely to think about it spiritually.

This is especially true for the older generations and those with high religious backgrounds.

To them, it must have been a spiritual attack.

That is because the terrain is filled with lots of metaphysical exchanges.

The remedies will come in the same direction.

Generally, it is well known that when people feel like hitting their head on a wall, it is usually because they are frustrated.

This feeling may emerge when the frustration reaches a particular level.

In other to ease off that frustration, they may feel like hitting their head on the wall.

Even though this is not an advisable path to follow, it is a reason why people feel like hitting their head on a wall.

For some other people, they feel like hitting their head on a wall in response to grief.

This is common in cases where they feel they could have avoided the grief if they took some steps.

So, to punish themselves for the loss, they will feel a need for self-inflicted hurt.

Hitting their head against the wall is one of the ways they self-inflict pain.

When some people are upset, they tend to be violent.

Some people may be extremely violent and hurt other people.

In the same vein, they may be violent to themselves too.

That may include the urge to hitting the head against the wall.

People in this category really need help and if this is your experience, seek help before it is too late.

It is worthy of note that these things are part of life.

You will be upset, frustrated, and grieved at one point or the other.

Hitting your head against the wall should not be the next thing.

Get yourself prepared for life issues without messing yourself or life up by seeking help from appropriate quarters.

Well, it is important that you realize that this is a concern.

The aftermath of hitting your head on a wall is not always good.

Hence the need to look into it before it becomes a health concern.

Apart from being a health concern, this may actually be an instrument to shorten your life.

This is the most important reason to seek help before it is too late.