What comes after a trillion? Find out here

Mathematically, you have wondered what comes after a trillion.

You will find that out in this post.

If you have ever done mathematics especially at the primary level, one begins to wonder if there is an end to these numbers.

This is true especially for those who hate calculations.

Well, calculations may be sometimes difficult and may chase people away but numbers are of great importance to our world.

So, we want to discuss what comes next after trillion.

Well, trillion in itself is a large number.

I remember when I first heard million, I thought of how big that is.

Today, we are taking a trillion.

It seems our minds have enlarged and it’s beginning to deal with bigger things in quantity and quality.

A million has six zeroes behind it (000,000), a billion has nine zeroes (000,000,000) and a trillion has twelve zeroes (000,000,000,000).

Let’s break it down, a trillion means one million in one thousand places.

Please take note that it is not an additional one thousand to a million that makes a trillion, it is the multiplication of a million and a thousand that gives one trillion.

And in as much as there are increases and multiplication of a trillion too, there will be numbers and quantities after a trillion.

Any addition to a trillion is after the trillion therefore what comes after a trillion could be as low as an additional 0.1.

So what comes next after trillion begins with that.

With this, you can’t state in particular that this is what comes next after trillion.

The counting goes on till infinity.

By infinity, we mean without end until where you deem it fit to end it.

In another way, when we say what comes next after a trillion, it may be used to mean what comes next in terms of multiple of one thousand.

Just like after a million, we have a billion next to a trillion.

If that’s what the phrase intends to establish, then after trillion we have quadrillion.

That comes with fifteen zeroes (000,000,000,000,000).

If you ask me, that’s huge.

Really huge!

Just imagine having just one quadrillion dollars.

Even if you have half of it, I think you are made for life.

Can anyone exhaust that in a lifetime?

I don’t think so.

Well, that may also depend on what he buys and how often he buys.

But that’s a whole lot.

Even if it is of a useless currency in the world, it will still be worth something good in dollars.

Well, there is no end to numbering in mathematics, it goes to infinity.

So in a way, what comes after a trillion is till infinity because there is no end to numbering.

You will eventually get to zillion which is a large number that Is really uncountable.

If you keep counting you will definitely count to where you would not be able to go more.

Hope you now know exactly what comes after a trillion?