Victa mower model identification

So how do you get the Victa mower model identification?

This post promises to help with the model identification steps.

After reading through this post, you will know where to find the model number on a Victa lawn mower.

You can also help your friends and relatives who are not also aware of where to find their Victa mower model number.

So let’s get started!

Every model of Victa mower has a label at the top of the air filter element cartridge.

This is either a ‘V” series or model number.

On a Briggs and Stratton, where is the model number?

MODEL NUMBER LOOKUP FOR Briggs and Stratton The model number will be 11 or 12 digits long and can be found on the starter, cylinder shield, metal shield, valve cover, above the spark plug, in front of the engine, above the muffler, or on the gasoline tank, among other places.

Simply have a check the top of the air filter, this can be found at the top of the snorkel tube on the upper handle, there you will find either a model number or a V code.

That is all about the Victa mower model identification.

The next time you want to check your Victa mower model number, simply follow the steps in the last 2 paragraphs.