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TWC (Time-Warner Cable), often known as Time cable, was an American cable television company that was acquired by Charter Communications on May 18th, 2016.

TWC is known to operate in 29 states and it is the second-largest cable company second only to Comcast.

Before they merged with charter communications, they offer 5 tiers of internet speed, charge $10 per month of modem lease fees, and offered free wifi with their services if requested.

Either that or $5 per month for Wifi services.

To alleviate the charge, customers should purchase their modem just like today, spectrum allows customers to purchase routers to reduce the charge on Wifi.

Services and brands

Time warner offers cable TVs, Internet, and phone services, which are available currently in more than 41 states.

The download speeds are faster than DSL, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite internet services because it is a cable internet service provider.

Depending on a customer’s need they can either get a service bundle or one service.

If you are interested in getting new services or changing your plans, we will be listing out plans for you to check out.

Time Warner plans:

  1. Cable-Tv only plan:

They have three different plan types depending on the needs of the households and also provide the best possible value for the amount of money paid.

The three-tier plans are the select, silver, and gold plans.

The Select is the standard plan while the Gold is the premium plan.

The select has about 125 channels including both local and many other broadcasting networks.

The TV silver offers more than 175 channels with premium channels such as HBO, and the time, along with others such as HGTV, NFL, LMN.

Gold Tv is the most premium that spectrum has to offer, it has channels such as TMC and many others, including channels from the basic plan.

  1. Internet-only plans:

They offer three different types of Internet-only plans for residential addresses that have an interest to get internet services.

The different speed options include download speeds of 200Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 940mbps, the first costs $49.99 per month, the second costs $64.99, and the third costs $109.99 per month.

With any of these plans, you get access to a free internet modem, free antivirus software, and unlimited data with no hitching in speed.

  1. Internet and Tv bundle plan:

For those interested in getting internet and tv bundle plans through the spectrum, you have diverse plans you can choose from.

Then again, you can mix any downloading speed with any Tv plan of your choosing.

$89.98 to 144.98 or more is the cost, depending on the package you chose to go for.

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