Things You Can Do When You Are Bored On Your Phone

The minute our minds begin to wander, it’s now a common habit to pick up our phones.

Nothing to be ashamed about, we all do it.

The process is now almost second nature.

Pulling out your phone and looking through social media is usually the beginning and the finish of this habitual behavior.

Maybe it happens as you wait in the dentist’s waiting area, but who’s to say we can’t be somewhat productive while doing so!

Make A New Playlist

Set about producing the most iconic playlist you can possibly conceive for a certain occasion or atmosphere whether it’s a summer playlist, cocktail party, or maybe even Top Classics.

Take a look through your music collection, listen to the suggestions, and find some new tunes.

Enjoy your hard work with family and friends by spreading the music around.

Clear Up Some Mobile Space

Our mobiles are usually cluttered with images and videos we don’t particularly need. This is not to say delete memorable photos but rather clear up certain photos that have little to no value.

Perhaps you tried capturing a nice car zooming by or tried your photographic skills on a fluttering flower which resulted in some blurry images.

Whatever the case there are always unused apps and images you can clear your phone’s memory of.

Hit Up A Casino

That’s right you can hit up a casino on the go or anywhere that has an internet connection.

Today you can enjoy many casino games online and even through a mobile device.

Let’s say you want to have a few spins on the roulette wheel, today you can use Royal Panda roulette and many other sites to enjoy some spinning fun.

Casino games are a great way to unwind and enjoy some free time while waiting for your dentist to finish up the clients ahead of you.

Get Reading

Today there are many apps you can make use of to get reading done while bored on your IOS or Android device.

Apps such as Audible allow you to download or stream audiobooks.

This can be a great way to make use of your time waiting.

Why not educate or indulge in a little fantasy reading while you wait for the bus or your appointment to get started.

Just find a book that seems interesting, hit download, and play.

Do Some Online Shopping

Remembered you needed some new shades for the upcoming summer months or perhaps some cool items for the house?

Shopping or just browsing online stores can be a fun way to kill some time.

Today you can use sites like Aliexpress to get cool and relatively cheap gimmick items and if you are wondering how long Alixpress takes to ship it will depend on the seller.

Online Shopping/browsing can be super fun so beware of how much time you’re spending browsing the many stores available at the tip of your fingers.