The meaning of the Black American Flag

The meaning of the Black American Flag

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Do you know that aside from the normal blue, red and white colors used to design and identify the United States of America flag, there is also a black American flag which is also used by the Americans for a special purpose?

There was a new trend on Tiktok recently where people were flying the black American flag outside their homes which was confusing to some people but to some who had little knowledge attributed it to the ongoing Afghanistan war.

The black American flag was first noticed during the American civil war between 1861-1865 where the American soldier flaunted it to signify that they won’t be surrendering to their opponent and that their opponents are likely to be killed which was more like a signal for a deadly game.

Most Black American flags are either completely black with the star and stripe invisible or they can also be black with white stripes.

As stated earlier, the American Black flags unlike the White flags (which symbolize surrender) was known as ‘give no quarter’ which was used to signify that the enemy soldiers/combatants would be killed rather than be taken, prisoners.

The Black American flag was used during the million man March rally led by Louis Farrakhan, an American Religious leader and political activist in 1995 to promote family unity and peace among the African American communities.

The Flag can also be perceived as rebellious according to Dungeon Master Magisterium from Quora, who further said that the Flag can be used as a violent revolution from a group who believes their rights have been jeopardized and trampled on.

In as much as the Black flag symbolizes and represents a special interest and meaning, some citizens and public officials have seen the display of the Black American flag as a sign of disrespect to the popular American flag and also a threat to the national peace and unity of the American nation.

But other citizens have argued against such facts and believe that the Black American flag is also used for security purposes by the military and law enforcement agencies in order not to alert their enemies.

It is believed that the popular colors of the American flag which is known all over the world can be eye-catching and noticeable so the black American flag is often used to veer attention away from threats.

The American government is against the fact that the flag in no way should be attached to a speeding vehicle in order to avoid it from tearing up due to the sudden pressure of the wind.

As earlier stated the display of the black flag for some individuals may symbolize a movement against a certain norm which could be political, human, and social.

It is a symbol of identity that often brings people with the same collective interest together, the Black American flag has been quite helpful in expressing collective messages as regards issues affecting the populace such as the coronavirus pandemic lockdown situation, the famous ‘Black Lives Matter’ and many other situations that border around the human race.

Some law enforcement officials to express their displeasure or disinterest as regards the systems of the authorities have used the black American flag to convey their personal opinions for the interest of the public.