Thank youuuu after you did a favor? Here is what it means

If you got an appreciation from someone after doing a favour and it is written as “thank youuuu” you might get confused about its exact expression.

This post will explain why you are getting a “thank youuuu” spelt in such a manner from someone.

The thank youuuuu expression usually comes from a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy.

In such cases, you might get even more confused about what this means especially if the person that sent the text is your crush.

Not to worry, that is why I’m writing this post to explain this to you.

Instances where someone can send you a thank youuuu instead of a thank you

A female relative of mine once shared the experience of how she did a favor to a guy and he texted her “thank youuuuu” after everything and then asked me what that could possibly mean.

My sarcastic response to her was that he probably died and his head fell down and landed on the ‘U’ button on the keyboard 😆

Thank youuuu may indicate an accidental pressing of the “u” key too many times while trying to get a text message across, it could also mean he is madly in love with you and wants to marry you as soon as possible.

The next time you receive a thank youuuu message, just know that someone sincerely appreciates what you have done for him or her.

If someone texts you “thank you,” it suggests he or she only wants to express gratitude for your effort in a straightforward manner.

And if someone writes you “thank youuuu,” it suggests he or she wants to express gratitude for what you have done in an emotional way, i.e. from the heart.

The Trend of Text “thank youuuu”

The expression “thank youuuu” was not often used in the nineteenth century, but it became common in the twentieth.

However, even in the twentieth century, there was a limit to how much it could be used.

Because we all know that the expression “thank you” has a long history and has its own place in official settings such as business and school.

So, who is using the phrase thank youuuu now?

Modern youth is the answer.

It has been observed that the majority of boys and girls use this expression to express their appreciation for one another.

So the next time you get a text that says “thank youuuu,” know that it implies someone truly appreciates your deed.