Taobao shipping to Australia

How long will Taobao shipping to Australia take?

This may be one of the troubling questions in your mind if you just shopped from Taobao.

Even if you are yet to place an order, you might want to be sure how long their shipping to Australia will take before pulling your credit card.

So in this post, I will share with you how long it will take Taobao to deliver your order to Australia.

I guess that is exactly what you were searching for that was why you were served this page.

Before we get to find out when it will arrive, let’s know what Taobao is.

What is Taobao

That might sound really strange considering the fact that it’s not an English work, at least.

Being an English word, you would at least understand what it means from the literal meaning of the business name.

So what’s Taobao?

It is an online marketplace based in China with its headquarters in Hangzhou.

Similar to Aliexpress, you can also shop for goodies from Taobao.

Taobao website you can buy from

Taobao has different versions.

You might want to take a look at them.

Each of these websites is targeted at different groups of people and it confuses some first-timers.

It is for this reason that I have decided to also share these different versions of the website.

1. Taobao App or
The primary Taobao website, which caters mostly to domestic customers, features all available products and features.

2. World.Taobao.Com Or use the Taobao Lite App (Lite).
This is the Taobao website for international buyers, which includes certain exclusive deals.

On this site, you might not be able to search for many things because some products or product categories are prohibited.

3. or the Tmall app
Consider Tmall as a curated version of Taobao, as it brings together some of the top businesses and brands on this website.

The official flagship stores of brands like Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Apple, and others are available.

Because sellers must pay Tmall a higher commission, items in Tmall are typically more expensive than those in Taobao.

4. Taobao.Com Also known as Xianyu (Idle Fish) App
This is the second-hand market on Taobao, where a ton of items are very affordable.

These websites can all be accessed by creating a Taobao account, however, they are all only available in Chinese, making them difficult to use if you don’t speak the language.

Only,, and Tmall are supported by Taobao’s official international shipping.

Xianyu cannot be used!

What you can buy directly from Taobao as an international customer

You should be aware that Taobao and the forwarder won’t permit foreigners to purchase and send certain sensitive commodities before placing an order.

If the forwarder warehouse scans any sensitive materials in your package, your orders will be refused, and some things may even be held and destroyed.

Try to stay away from any of the eight most typical categories of sensitive objects I’ve outlined below:

1. Items larger than allowed by Taobao warehouse in terms of size or weight — Make sure your package isn’t too lengthy or too heavy because each forwarder warehouse has set a maximum weight and size they will allow. The restrictions can be viewed here.

2. Food — items made of bamboo, quick noodles, tea, etc.;

3. Items in a liquid, paste, or powder — Perfume, lipstick, foundation, nail polish, pencils, pens, alcohol, thermometers, ink, and other cosmetics.

4. Knife and Gun — Knife for survival, toy gun, and water bb gun

5. electronic gadget — Rice cooker, humidifier, electric toy, vacuum cleaner, etc.

6. Magnetic components or objects — Magnets, audio gear such speakers, compasses, coils, and motors, etc.

7. The battery and its contents — mobile devices, laptops, power banks, timepieces, and lithium batteries

8. Branded, imitation, fake, and counterfeit goods

No one will enter the warehouse to determine whether each order is authentic or not.

Usually, they may tell from your online order details or the parcel’s outside packaging.

They will reject this order if they discover any sensitive brand emblems, such as those for Nike, Adidas, LV, Gucci, or Prada.

Tell your sellers to use straightforward, neutral packaging and make an effort not to display the brand identity if you insist on acquiring branded or replica items through Taobao.

If you still want to purchase restricted goods from Taobao, you must work with a Taobao agent who can offer you a variety of delivery options.

Now that you know about what Taobao is, its different versions, and what you can actually buy, let’s find out the delivery time.

Taobao shipping delivery time

Since delivery times for packages coming from Taobao are one of the most often asked questions by our users, we know how crucial time is to you.

We can provide you with an estimated delivery date for both domestic (within China) and international shipments, including Australia, as well as some other crucial information about tracking.

When you place an order, you undoubtedly eagerly await the tracking information and wish that your package will come as quickly as possible.

Below, we give you further information on how long it will take to complete your order and have it sent internationally.

The ordering and delivery processes are not quick and straightforward.

Local Shipping (within China)
It usually takes between 2 and 5 business days for your Taobao orders to reach the warehouse. Rarely, vendors may mistakenly ship a package to the wrong address or provide inaccurate tracking information. In this instance, kindly give your agent some time to work with the sellers to clarify the situation and address any issues.

International Shipping
Following confirmation of the second payment, all shipments are sent out automatically the following day.
Delivery times vary depending on the target country, and they are notably influenced by how quickly local customs processing and postal systems operate.

The following are the average delivery times:

AIR MAIL (China Air Mail) delivery time prediction: 15–40 days
EMS (China Express Mail Service) delivery time prediction: 7–28 days
DHL’s anticipated delivery period is 5 to 10 days (2 days to get the tracking and 2-8 days for delivery)

After the second payment confirmation, the tracking number for the package is issued within three days.

Please be patient as tracking information may occasionally take some time to update, especially for Air Mail.

However, if there has been no change in the tracking information after 5 days for EMS packages and 10 days for Air Mail packages, kindly get in touch to check the situation.

You can always get in touch with the support team if you have any questions because they realize that everyone wants to see their purchases as soon as possible and without delay.

They will review every detail of your package for you!