PTB WD meaning in banking

What does PTB WD mean RBC?

If this is your query, read on to find out what it means and the action you should take on your part when you see this.

I assume you are a customer of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) if this is one of your search queries all along.

Apart from PTB WD, there are a lot of similar queries like this that engulf RBC.

You may get so uncomfortable seeing some strange things being reported in your banking statement.

This is why I’m writing this post to explain what ptb wd means so you don’t panic the next time you see it.

According to the Royal Bank of Canada website, PTB is an acronym that denotes personal touch banking.

WD simply means withdrawal debit.

When they are put together, PTB WD — Personal Touch Banking Withdrawal Debit.

So you can see reports like PTB withdrawal RBC in your bank statement.

When you see reports like this in your bank statement, it means that you were debited for withdrawal.

These are charges you need to pay when you probably withdraw money from other ATMs apart from that of the Royal Bank of Canada.

How to avoid PTB WD in your statement

Now you know that you only get this when you withdraw from a non-RBC ATM.

To avoid this, you need to simply stay away from non-RBC withdrawals.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, anyway.

In situations where you need to make a withdrawal and there is no RBC near you, then you will be left with no option other than to incur PTB WD charges for withdrawing from other banks.

The next time you see that; just remember that you went to an ATM.

Now you know everything you need to know about the PTB WD.

No need to panic the next time you see it show up in your bank statement.

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