Pampered chef air fryer compared to others in the market

Wanna know how pampered chef air fryer compares to others in the market?

Then this post is for you.

You might want to read through carefully to digest all the information you need about pampered chef air fryer.

I personally bought the pampered chef air fryer and I’m in love with it.

I then turned around and purchased it as a gift for my daughter-in-law for Christmas.

Many of my friends got one after I did, and they enjoy it just as much as I do.

You might think that I’m affiliated with pampered chef, but that’s not true.

Well, if they feel I’m doing well by marketing their product, they can donate for the well-being of the ministry 😆

How about that?

Makes sense, right?

Enough of the free praises.

The pampered chef air fryer makes reheating food a breeze.

My experiments to see if it was worth it began with attempting to reheat McDonald’s nuggets and fries after they had been in the fridge for nearly two days.

Guess what?

They came as fresh as though I got it at that moment.

The next step was to try reheating KFC.

It was incredible, and it made it even better than when you first got it.

On the outside, it’s crispy, yet on the inside, it’s tender.

With the help of my airfryer, I’ve been able to do fries, s’more dips, pork ribs, spring rolls, perogies, grilled cheese, quiche, and a whole lot.

All I can say is throw a party and save a lot of money over the original price.

My daughter-in-law’s cost me $125.

The unit has a large capacity and does not require any warm-up time.

It’s something that my children are familiar with.

We’re still a family of four at home, with my daughter living on her own, and I’m still able to prepare dinners for us.

This is a unit I strongly recommend.

Especially for the extras, such as the skewer rotisserie kit.

It includes racks, a basket, and a spit, as well as a drip tray.

The drip tray is not dishwasher safe, but the rest of the product is.

The door can easily be removed for easier cleaning when necessary.

Please note that by writing this about pampered chef air fryer, I’m not trying to promote the product in any way.

I’m just sharing my personal experience after laying my hands on this product.

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