Origin post is preparing shipment

Origin post is preparing shipment is just one of the tracking messages you will get from USPS.

I have written about some of them with detailed explanations.

But this post is particularly for the meaning of origin post is preparing shipment.

A lot of people who are getting this tracking message are asking around to find out what this means so they know when to expect their package.

I don’t want to waste your time but take you straight to the explanation.

The “origin post is preparing shipment” tracking message means that the USPS has created tracking information for the items that are shipping through the USPS.

It has been scanned into the system.

Other possible causes of “origin post is preparing shipment”

  • When there are so many shipments to your destination, your package can be off the flight. Since flights are booked before time, you might have to make future bookings for your package to move so your tracking status can update.
  • Bad weather can cause a flight delay. This can possibly lead to the delay of your package, therefore causing the delay in your tracking update.
  • In most cases, the USPS can forget to do the arrival scan. In situations like that the tracking report remains the same. Even if you reach out to the shipping office or USPS, they will likely not have answers for you.
  • When packages in your palette are not sealed properly, the whole palette might be taken out. This can also happen if you have your package in the group of suspicious packages. I such cases, the whole palette will be out and will miss the flight.

In conclusion, if you were sending a package out to someone;

Always reach out to be sure the package wasn’t dispatched to them before you start checking for possible causes for the delay.

Most of the time, it could be a bug.

The package may have been dispatched to its destination while the origin post is preparing shipment is still the tracking message that you are still getting.

Which part of this post is confusing?

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