One piece timeskip? Here is when

One piece timeskip starts from a particular episode and if you don’t know it, you might be worried if you really need to know it.

So after reading through this post, you will not ask about the one piece time skip episode anymore as you will already know about it.

I believe you are talking about the timeskip that has happened already.

If you’re referring to the timeskip that happened previously, it happened after the Marine Ford arc, during which all of the straw hats trained individually for two years.

Its post-timeskip begins in the anime in episode 517 and in the manga in chapter 598.

However, future timeskips are different.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Luffy has mastered advanced observation haki already. He’s now somewhat superior to Yonko Commander.
  2. He appears to be practicing advanced armament haki. I haven’t noticed it at work.
  3. Returning to Rayleigh’s statement, haki flows in the midst of fierce combat, thus another time skip doesn’t seem natural.
  4. Other strawhats appear to have gotten their power-ups as well. Enma, the raid suit, Zeus, and so on. Others may emerge during the battle.

Luffy is preparing to confront Big Mom and Kaido. The following are some of the options for a time skip:

  • Luffy is kicked in the shins by Kaido and Bigmom during the fight, so he goes back to training.This appears doubtful, as it would not make for a good story. What will happen to Wano if they go back on a timeskip?
  • Although there is a time skip, it does not waste the current time: That may seem strange, but bear with me. Despite their improved abilities, the strawhats are still no match for a single yonko, let alone two.But what if they had extra training time?However, the present does not mirror that period.Lady Toki, how are you?

    I know she’s supposed to be dead, but what if she wasn’t?What if, instead of handing over Hiyori, she went to the future?She predicted that 9 samurais would rise in the next 20 years.How did she figure that out?

    What if those nine individuals were the strawhats?The manga is currently at a point where straw hats are in short supply.

    What if Lady Toki transported them back in time for a month or two to allow them to train or devise a new strategy?They may remain hidden and appear at the appropriate festival location, thus overcoming the paradox problem by transporting strawhats from the present to the past.This appears to be a bit crazy.However, if Oda can create a plot along similar lines that is far better, that would be fantastic.

  • We don’t have a time skip right now, but we’ll get one later, as in Naruto chapter 700 or the ending.The one in which they show an adult Luffy and his crew after many years have passed, and he has already ascended to the position of pirate king. Like Shanks, he might transfer the torch to someone else. Bringing the concert to a close in the same way it began.

In all, I don’t anticipate another time skip, but if it does, I believe it will be number 2 or 3.