Motherboard screws — Which screws to use and where to buy

If you don’t know which motherboard screws to use, this post will guide you.

You will get to know which motherboard screws to use on the standoff and where to buy them.

There are instances where you know which screws to use but do not know where to buy.

Whichever describes you best, just know that you will learn more about motherboard screws in this post.

Often, if the screw is the right size and tight enough, it will work. On my motherboard, I used at least four different types of screws, and they all worked. Nothing can go wrong if the screws are tightened properly.

The screws that work most of the time look like what you see in the picture below:

motherboard screw

This could be painted black just for beautification’s sake.

If you run across any screws with flat heads rather than Philips heads, they will come off easier (from personal experience), but you won’t notice unless you’re actively playing with the computer.

They’ll be there for a long time.

Usually, your motherboard comes with screws in packs.

motherboard screws

Any of these screws can be used, and I recommend doing so to avoid any problems.

Be sure that you are not using any of the tiny screws (5 mm or less in length). It’s possible that they won’t make it all the way through.

Where to buy motherboard screws

If for any reason you lost possession of your motherboard pack of screws, you might want to get a new pack to be sure it is well tightened to the casing.

You can simply buy motherboard screws by shopping online.

Here are my recommendations on where to buy it online.

  • Buy motherboard screws from Amazon
  • Buy from best buy

I will update this page with more great deals about buying this screws pack.

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