Min/typ battery — Here is what it means

If you are searching for “min/typ battery”.

You probably saw this printed on your battery and don’t know its meaning or you are searching for where to buy a min/typ battery.

Whichever describes your situation the best, this post is just for you.

This post promises to share with you the meaning of min/typ battery and what to expect from a min/typ battery.

Min/typ usually goes together and it is common among mobile phone batteries.

In the case of a mobile phone, the terms “minimum” and “typical” relate to the charge at 95 percent = minimum and 100 percent = typical.

According to a mobile phone’s advanced BMS/charging-safety, they will achieve min first, then typical, which will take a long time, which is why they expressed it that way.

However, in most situations, it will be implemented via an advanced BMS or charging system.

Batteries voltage rating segments

Min voltage

The minimum voltage at which a battery should be discharged is known as the min voltage.

If the voltage goes below the prescribed minimum voltage, the battery may be damaged.

Rated/ typical voltage

It’s the voltage at which the battery should be operated at its best.

Maximum voltage

This voltage is the maximum that a battery may be charged to.

Here is a typical example:

Below are the ratings of a 18650 cell

  1. Minimum voltage: 2.6 V
  2. Rated voltage: 3.4–3.6 V
  3. Maximum voltage: 4.2V

Now that you have this information about a Min/typ battery, you will not panic the next time you see this printed on your battery.

This will also guide you in situations where you want to replace your mobile phone battery.

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