List of the saddest anime movies ever

For educational purposes, you might want to know some of the saddest anime movies ever.

You’ve landed on the right page where you will have a list of the saddest anime movies ever.

In recent times, anime has been a great source of entertainment.

They come in different genres ranging from action, romance, horror, etc.

So, anime has acquired a lot of committed lovers across different countries as they tell interesting stories in the most recent technology.

While the Indians have showcased their culture and values through movies, the Japanese have done theirs through anime movies.

And it may interest you to know that even in this, there are animes that would make your hair stand and make you shed some tears of sadness.


Here is the list of saddest anime movies ever.

— Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

This anime was released in 2011 and its storyline borders on romance.

It’s about a six-year-old girl that got lost in a forest hosting a mountain spirit.

This is a great piece to watch.

Although it is a sad anime.

— Wolf Children

This anime movie was released in 2012.

It is the story of a nineteen year-old girl who fell in love and married a young man that could transform into a wolf.

They had two children who were of the same features.

The story changed when their father died.

Things unfold in a bad way.

— Grave of the Fireflies

This is a story that tells the aftermath effect of war on people.

It is about the girl whose mother died following the effect of a bomb and the father struggled to make things work.

It is a story that tells the sad story of Japan following the second world war.

You will enjoy it but be prepared to manage the sadness that is attached to watching this particular anime.

— Whisper of the Heart

This is another sad anime that tells how a young girl discovered that a boy always gets the same literature she reads in the library.

She one day noticed a mysterious cat by her side and decided to follow the cat only to lead her to the grandfather of the boy.

Well, it’s a story you would enjoy but it’s a sad anime anyway.

— Omoide no Marnie

The anime is first about an asthmatic girl whose foster parents are concerned about her social life.

In a bid to solve the problem, she was sent to live with her aunt in the countryside.

There she discovered an abandoned house.

When she moved closer, she discovered a girl lives in the house.

Her friendship with this girl solved the problem but a great problem arises as she discovers who the girl is truly and the abandoned house.

— Perfect Blue

This is another great anime, although not good for young people because it contains scenes of adult content.

It is the anime adaptation of ‘Perfect Blue: Kanzen Hentai’, a novel written by the Japanese author Yoshikazu Takeuchi.

It is about a young girl who lives her pop band to pursue acting as a career.

What unfolds in the pursuit is the trilling part.

There are more sad animes, but these ones have great incomparable touch.

If you watch them, you will discover that they are.

You can also contribute to this list of the saddest anime movies by leaving some of them that you have watched.