Is Emmiol Legit? Find out here

The Emmiol reviews will help you gauge and decide whether or not Emmiol is legit.

And I’m super excited to share this article with you about this store.

I want to write about Emmiol because first of all, it seems like it’s going to be a scam.

It’s not a scam but then you run into a complication midway through that makes it seem like you are getting scammed.

Emmiol is kind of like a mix between Shein and Aliexpress.

I want to say that they have different sellers on the site and all their prices are super cheap.

Well, not cheap but it’s about $12 for like a top, and the pants can go like $30 or there and they have some really really cool stuff very trendy wear and I really like what they offer on their site.

I haven’t tried it on so I don’t know if it’s gonna be worth it.

I’m just gonna jump into the complication with Emmiol because I feel like that is an important part of the story.

The complications with Emmiol

It is because everything is kind of inexpensive there.

I had a $50 budget and I ordered a few things I also had to pay to ship because it was only like $50.

One of their packages came.

First of all, it’s really skinny which means it was actually the top that I ordered.

I’m sad about it because I ordered these pants that were so cool they were like cargo and just like straight-leg jeans and it was gonna be really cute but they never came.

I ordered these packages on the 16th of June.

They told me they sent me an email that had been shipped out on the 28th of June so like almost two weeks later they shipped it up.

I honestly have no idea when it was received but it was received in December.

So it was like a three-week process pretty much to get my item but the other package was not delivered.

Through the tracking on the website, you can see it was out for delivery and then it said it was being held in a warehouse which it has been at still.

It’s just been in this warehouse somewhere in California and it’s just sitting there.

I sent them an email and I was like it just says it’s sitting there once they’re gonna come and like be shipped out because I was home the whole day I didn’t get any knock on the door.

The other package was delivered fine but I don’t know why this was out for delivery and then brought back to the warehouse.

They have emailed me oh!

It says that your packages have been shipped out I was like yes, I know that.

But like there’s something wrong with your shipping company or something and I didn’t get it and then I responded like I was like well, that’s not really my issue and they just didn’t respond.

Their customer service is trash just absolutely trash.

You might get scammed in a sense because your package might be held somewhere.

Everything about this company seems so legit they have a little card in their packaging that reads “Love your outfit have a 10 or a 45 coupon” blah blah blah blah.

Emmiol quality and sizing

Well there is this top that I got, it should be really cute it looks a little big I got this in a small size they

don’t have the widest size selection it’s just like small, medium, large and you’re just hoping that it’s

small enough or large enough.

I really loved this top I think it’s really cute.

It’s not like the smallest is definitely like a true small.

I’m usually a size four or two in tops I definitely would have preferred that this came in an extra small just because I feel like if I bend over there’s a lot of gapping and the straps are not adjustable so it just it is what it is.

I think it’s cute for a couple of wears, I don’t know if I’m in love with it but like I mean it’s a cute trendy thing.

As I said, their website has a lot of cute trendy pieces I so wish.

I wish that I got the other things because it would have been actually like good pants and yeah I just hope they’ll arrive.

At some point, I’ll keep reaching out to them and see if I can get them sent.

But at this point, it kind of seems like a loss cause it’s been over a month you know since I ordered it.

That’s my experience with them and I hope this will help you decide whether Emmiol is legit or not.

If you want to shop on this site, it’s fine just in case you’re into the complication that I ran into.

It’s really annoying to try it out for yourself and hopefully, they don’t do that because I didn’t even need to open the door to receive this one it was just left in my mailbox.

I’m just confused about what happened to the other one.