Is edreams Legit Site to Buy Air Tickets?

Is eDreams a Legit Site to Buy Air Tickets

eDreams is one of the travel agencies in Spain.

But people who are yet to do business with them are not sure whether or not edreams is legit.

Is edreams legit to buy air tickets?

This question has been one of the trending questions among people intending to use eDreams air ticket services.

Just to be sure if eDreams is a reliable site to buy air tickets or not.

Whether you’re traveling for a business trip, holidays, or just traveling for tourism purposes, booking flights and getting the most affordable air tickets is usually the most desired experience, especially when you’re in need of R&R.

However, getting the cheapest flight ticket(s) requires in-depth research on traveling agencies and their credibility, which includes customer reviews, and most importantly, travel agencies with the best price deals.

Many travel agencies online are giving their best travel deals, discouraging travelers from purchasing air tickets directly from the airlines, which they deemed much more expensive.

Nothing wrong with looking for cheap flight bookings; absolutely nothing wrong.

But, in the process of researching the best air tickets deals or looking for a legit site to buy air tickets, they get scammed and eventually go through a period of frustration.

So in this article, we will answer one of the questions most air travelers have been asking over the years: Is eDreams a legit site to buy air tickets?

In this article, I’ll also site a few customer reviews and opinions on eDreams.

Before purchasing anything from Edreams, make sure you must have read this article to the end. Probably, it would provoke a second thought about the eDreams site.

What is eDreams?

eDreams is a company that offers cheap traveling services —An e-Traveling agency that is said to be headquartered in Spain, primarily known for selling one of the cheapest air tickets online.

Many travelers have had business transactions with eDreams which include, purchase of air tickets, hotel booking, tourism guide, car rental services, advertising, sales, and marketing services.

These services offered by eDreams are said to be at the most affordable and tempting offers, hence the reason why many people rush it.

According to eDreams, the company is currently operating in several countries—40 to be exact.

These countries include the UK and the US, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and many others.

Because of its affordable deals, eDreams is expanding internationally, attracting tourists and business people to patronize their services.

Is eDreams a Scam?

eDreams might not be a scam, but based on the many customer reviews on eDreams, It has been labeled an unreliable agency to book tickets from.

There have been numerous negative reviews on websites such as TrustPilot, full of customers complaining about the horrible experience they had with eDreams, especially getting scammed or disappointed.

They’ve projected themselves to be incompetent and unprofessional.

Common types of customer complaints against eDreams.

eDreams has expanded internationally and has had deals with many people especially in terms of traveling— as a traveling agency.

But, rather than giving a thumbs-up review, they gave a thumbs down review about eDreams — those who have purchased air tickets one time or the other. In this section, we’ll take a look at common types of customer complaints against eDreams.

Unreliable Customer Service

People have reported that they have the worst customer service experience from eDreams, as they make one with issues feel like they’re stuck in existential angst.

According to an article published on, customers have reported that they’ve gone to great lengths just to try and get ahold of someone from the company’s team.

There was even a customer who said that the customer service representative they were talking to dropped the call on them.

This is to show how unprofessional and incompetent they are.

Customer Refund Issues

Many customers or clients who have experienced problems with their bookings and air tickets have resolved to get a full refund from the company.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to.

Also, even those who booked refundable tickets never got refunds.

When customers try to contact the airline directly to get a refund, they’re told to contact eDreams instead.

This puts customers in anger of frustration where they attempt to make a call or send emails but never receive a response.

Ironically affordable Services

eDreams has claimed to give their customers affordable rates.

However, many customers have noticed that they were charged more than they were supposed to.

In summary, eDreams is a legitimate business, and there are customers, people, as well as clients who have made positive reviews on the company, who seem satisfied with the service rendered to them.

However, there are just too many negative reviews and cons to dealing with this agency.

You may feel free to take the risk if you want low-cost bookings and rentals— that’s what they are primarily established for— low-cost air tickets.

But, if you encounter any issues, you’ll have a difficult time trying to get them rectified by the company.

As such, we recommend that you try out other more reliable online travel agencies because you’ll be better off using a travel agency that assures you of everything regarding your trip.