How to tell your boss you re sick text message

How to tell your boss you re sick text message

Composing a sick text message to your boss when you are not feeling well can be a bit challenging.

But after reading this post, you will be able to tell your boss you’re in a sick text message without having to think about how to go about it.

Also, some ‘sick text to boss samples’ will be shared here so you can choose the one that best suits your condition and copy your boss.

Text messaging policies vary per employer.

So you might want to be sure that your employer/boss approves text messaging as one of the communication channels.

You must also make sure that you tell your boss in detail why you will not be at work for the stipulated time and your expected date of return.

A typical example is that you can send a text message starting with the name of your boss and then stating that you are not feeling well that you need a day or two off so you can take care of yourself.

Check out the sample here:


His/her name

Reasons for your absence

Expected returning date

Thank you, then you include your name.

In cases of severe injury or ailment that might prompt you to take more days off, you might want to full detail about the situation.

Better still, have a conversation with the head of operations (if any).

Well, that may depend on the nature of your job.

How to text your boss you’re sick

This section is where you will get some pro tips that will guide you on how to send a text to your boss that you are sick.

You must learn to act a bit when you are reporting to your boss that you are sick.

Make the situation look worse than what the actual situation is.

Though you might want to do it in moderation, too.

That way, your boss will think that you are in hell already.

If you don’t sound that bad, your boss may think that you are lying because of the way you sound.

That is why I said that you must make the situation look worse than the actual situation.

You just phone and sound sick, with no sign of guilt in your voice because you’re too sick to feel sorry, and tell them you’re extremely sick – you feel like you’ve got the flu, fever, a burning throat, and you’re quite weak.

Tell your boss that you would report for duty, but it feels like you are not fit to hit the road and that you would not wish anyone to contact the terrible thing that you have.

If the ailment is not as terrible as you paint it before your boss, tell him you will TRY and work from home.

Do not say “you will work from home”.

That sounds like you are intentionally staying away.

Just say you will “TRY” so he feels you are passionate about the job.

When on a call with your boss, also try to clear your throat a good number of times while on the call.

Possibly cough and as though you are choking.

Also talk slower than usual.

This gives an impression that you are struggling to talk.

Remember I told you earlier, you must do all of these in moderation so you don’t get caught.

You can also plug your nose in the cause of the conversation with your boss.

If you go into a dramatic coughing fit, it will sound fake, even though it is real.

However, if you sound a bit normal, or you sound guilty, your boss will think you are trying to outsmart him/her.

In conclusion, if you are sure you are sick and not fit for work, then you should not worry about playing these games.

After all, people get sick.

But other people take the mick.

And bosses tend to assume the latter.

All the same, knowing how to play these games always comes in handy.

Please make sure that your boss does not run into you at the shopping malls, gyming centers, or bars later in the day.

I hope these tips help you tell your boss you re sick text message.

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