How to join 2b2t in Minecraft

How to join 2b2t in Minecraft

I have written quite a number of articles about this video game series, Minecraft in our gaming section.

Again today, I will share with you how to join 2b2t in Minecraft.

At the end of this post, you will know how you can join 2b2t in Minecraft.

That satisfies your intent of searching the internet with this query, right?

Read on as you will get to learn that right here.

This post is going to be pretty quick and straightforward.

In the course of this post, you will basically follow about 17 steps to join 2b2t in Minecraft.

Here are the steps to follow to get your access to 2b2t

  • The very first step is to visit the Minecraft website
  • Click on “get Minecraft”
  • Select the Java edition of Minecraft
  • Pay the amount of money that shows on the screen
  • Go through the procedures on the Minecraft download wizard
  • Once the installation is done, launch the Minecraft launcher
  • Go to “Installations”
  • Select 1.12.2
  • Press Play
  • Press multiplayer, once the Minecraft home screen shows up
  • Press “Add server”
  • In the address server bar, type “”
  • Press “search”
  • Go to the list of servers
  • Press 2b2t (Refresh and try again if it doesn’t work)
  • Wait for about 12 hours in the queue
  • Once you take a better queue position, you will enter the 2b2t server

That’s basically how to join 2b2t in Minecraft.

Always remember that the queue is usually very long and you will have to wait a couple of hours, depending.

What that implies is that you have to be patient while you crawl up to take a better queue position before you can join the 2b2t server.

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