How to duplicate items in Minecraft

How to duplicate items in Minecraft

If you don’t know how to duplicate items in Minecraft, this post promises to show you how to duplicate items in Minecraft.

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Today’s post is strictly about duplicating items in Minecraft.

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Let’s get straight into duplicating items in Minecraft so we don’t digress.

I’m going to be teaching you how to make a simple and efficient Minecraft bedrock iron farm.

This works on 1.16 and on all other versions of Minecraft bedrock.

Whether you play on a phone, tablet, Xbox, ps4 ninja switch, or PC.

There are basically 9 steps to duplicating items in Minecraft.

How to duplicate items in Minecraft

  • Gathering your material — You will need to gather chest of any size and any amount of item
  • Place the item — If your chest is empty, be sure that you have any amount of item you wish to duplicated placed in the chest.
  • Close out — At the corner of your chest, you will find a close button, simply tap on it to return to your game.
  • Open the chest — You’ll have the recommendation of waiting for 12 to 20 seconds, but I tell you that you do not have to wait for a second. I have tried waiting and not waiting at all.
  • Back to inventory — Get to the inventory back up and touch the items placed in your chest. Note, this place it in the inventory.
  • Close out  This time, you can completely close out of Minecraft. You will have to double click your home button since going back to the home screen of your device will not work.
  • Open Backup Just open the Minecraft backup.
  • Open up chest — Now you are going to open back up the chest.

Now you have double the amount of the item you had.

Please note that this glitch should work on most devices, and it may or may not work on some devices like the Xbox or computer version.

So share with us if this worked for you.

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