How to check Hulu viewing history

Hulu viewing history

Hulu viewing history helps you take a look at what you have watched in the past.

Sometimes, you might have watched a video without liking it and wish to go back and watch it then like it.

Liking videos will help Hulu suggest more videos that are relevant to the videos you’ve liked previously.

What if you don’t know how to check your Hulu viewing history?

That could be very frustrating…

In this post, I will make sure the frustration is off you and you can check your Hulu viewing history and get back to any of your past videos of your choice that you want to take a second, third, or even a fourth look.

Hulu viewing history

According to Hulu, your watch history should be located in your “keep watching” collection which can be easily accessed from home.

You will have to browse through the picks to see which of the videos/movies you’ve watched in the past and if you select “All Watch History” that you will be able to see all the movies and videos you’ve watched in the past.

But according to reports from real time Hulu users, the Hulu viewing history guide posted in the community does not solve this problem.

Here is my own piece of advice that will help you get your viewing history.

You can use your browser history to track your Hulu viewing history.

Since there is no way currently that you can do with the website interface then use your browser history to restore your Hulu viewing history.

The steps may vary depending on the browser that you are using.

So you might want to know how to check the browsing history for your browser and use this method to check Hulu viewing history.

So were you able to check your viewing history?

Share your thoughts or if you have any other option your feel it’s cool for solving this problem.