How tall is Godzilla (Height history in each movie)

Godzilla size comparison

You will know exactly how tall Godzilla is after reading this post.

Godzilla has been a monster on our television screen for decades.

He has been delighting both young and old who love the monster movie genre.

The lovers of monster movies know he has a long history of fighting bigger monsters.

The fight is usually the trilling part of the movies.

Although, he is a monster with a difference because he has commanded the love of many over the years.

He has appeared in several great monster movies since 1954.

Interestingly, in all of these movies, he never maintains the same height.

The fluctuations in the height are somewhat deliberate and it is part of what makes it special in each of these movies.

It also gave room for discussions on the abilities, combats, and strengths it exhibited in each movie.

Here is the list of the movies and the height of Godzilla in each of the movies;

At inception in 1954, Godzilla started with a gigantic height of 164 feet.

Though this seems to be a very tall height, it is actually the smallest height it came with.

This height was maintained till 1975.

The movies include but are not limited to Ghidorah, Megalon, Mothra, Titanosaurus, Mechagodzilla, etc.

In 1962, with the Return of Godzilla came another height that was 262 feet.

This height was maintained till 1989 in the series, Godzilla vs. Biollante.

From 262 feet, it moved to 328 feet in the Heisei series.

Following the Showa and Millennium series in 1988, the first American production of Godzilla emerged with another height.

Interestingly, it’s a height lower than the previous productions.

It came 229 feet tall.

These came with some resentment.

This led to Godzilla 2000 which seem to restore the original features at inception but at a lower height of 180 feet.

The height was maintained for Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.

In 2001, the reinvented Godzilla was a shorter version of 1954 Godzilla at 196 feet tall.

In 2004, the final wars came with an increase in height.

Godzilla: Final Wars came 328 feet tall.

The advent of MonsterVerse in 2014 brought Heisei Godzilla with a height of 355 feet.

In 2016, the monster movie genre witnessed a gigantic monster when Godzilla produced the tallest height of 388 feet.

This came with Shin Godzilla production.

With this huge stature, it was more powerful and destructive than other versions.

The 2019 Godzilla version also came as a surprise when it appeared with a height of 394 feet.

Having gone through the heights of Godzilla over the decades.

There is no doubt that creativity has played out in giving us entertainment in each of these movies.

Interestingly, people are still looking forward to seeing wonders unfold as far as Godzilla is concerned.

This makes many people ask for more especially after Godzilla vs kong.

Maybe we need to wait a bit to see what unfolds in the monster movie genre.

So how tall is Godzilla?

Study the history of the Godzilla height that I just shared with you and you will no longer have any doubt about the height of Godzilla.