How soon is too soon to move in with someone

When it comes to moving in with someone usually your partner, there are a number of things to think about and consider.

Though it may seem as if it is the next line of action because of the emotions.

Emotions are great and they are needed but they should not be the basis for making such decisions.

Let’s discourse when is it appropriate to move in with someone in this piece.

How soon is considered to be too soon to move in with someone?

Ideally, it is advised that before moving in with your partner, you should have dated for a minimum of 1 year.

Some relationship experts would recommend 2 years.

The older generation will approve of longer years.

This may be because of the expected closeness that should have been achieved over the duration.

The question borders on whether that is achieved or not over the dating period.

If the relationship is a distant one, you need some time to get closer before deciding when to move in.

This is because it is when you get closer that you understand yourselves and your pattern of thoughts.

Remember that when you start living together, you will see other things that may piss you off.

Things you both are overlooking for yourself now may turn out irritating when you move in and stay together.

While we may be looking at the cordial relationship and level of love that has grown between the couples, there are other important things that should determine how soon you move in.

This is because it is not just about the feeling of now, it is about the future impact on your relationship and personal life.

There are things to settle.

In the case of just mere friends, it might not be a bit of good advice to move in with someone you just met.

If you are going to be living with someone, you should at least know the person for at least a year.

Knowing the person, in this case, doesn’t mean knowing their name, it means having a true relationship with the person.

Moving in with someone you have not bonded with is considered too early.

One of the things to settle before moving in with anyone whether a lover or just a mere friend is the issue of finances.

That will mean who is responsible for what and for how long.

Even in couples cohabiting, there has to be an agreement on how the home needs will be met collectively.

You will need to strike a balance in the expenses.

You need to discuss and agree on this before you move in.

Religion is one of the things that determines how soon couples can move in.

Most religions do not approve cohabiting of couples until they are legally married.

Some other religions are silent over this.

But most religions consider the act as impure and would not approve of couples moving in to live together.

On this note, it is too soon for couples to live together except they are married irrespective of how many years have been courting.

Marriage is the only license to live together.