How much do pornstars make on an average

How much money do pornstars make?

Knowing how much pornstars make might stir up the thought of considering being a pornstar to leverage the pay.

Would you want to be a pornstar because of how much they make?

This post is for informational purposes and does not mean any harm.

The porn industry is a big industry worth several billions of dollars.

The industry was worth $97 billion as of 2019.

Forbes identified the industry to be growing at $14 billion yearly as of the 2001 report.

Interestingly, the industry has grown much more today.

It is now worth more around $130 billion.

This industry keeps growing and as it grows, the pay of the players grows while they also increase.

According to Comparably, $51,098 is the average salary of a porn star per year in the United States while glassdoor put it $62494.

It appears pornstars are making it big going by this record.

An average pornstar makes between $3000 and $6000 per month in the United States.

When it comes to how much a pornstar makes, several factors determine their pay.

These factors may include;

Agent fee: Pornstars do have agents who manage them with their portfolio and get them roles and engagement.

These agents charge between 10 to 20% of the total pay.

This is will impact how much eventually get to them.

Experience: Just like in any other job, experience also matters in the porn industry too.

It determines how much they will be offered.

Entry-level can be offered as low as $300 or $10 per hour while the big stars can earn up to $2000.

Scene Type: One of the important determinants of the pay of a pornstar apart from experience is the type of scene to be shot.

The screen types may include Nude-only solo, Explicit solo, Open leg solo, Insertions solo, Girl-boy, Girl-girl, etc.

Each of these scenes is paid for differently.

And some pornstars specialize in some of these areas which will still influence their take home.

Country: Porn does not receive attention and acceptance the same way in all countries.

This also influences the pay as well.

United States, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, etc have appreciable acceptance for porn.

Some countries have laws that prohibit porn while it is not a concern in some other countries.

Going by the United States pay structure, a “traditional” sex scene may earn a pornstar up to $1500, and a newcomer can earn as little as $300.

For the very bad sex scenes, the pay can be up to $2000.

Generally in the porn industry, women get the better cuts in terms of money.

Apart from the main performers, there are other people that make the job go fine.

They are part of the industry too.

For instance, the camera can earn up to $500, Porn Director may get up to $3000 while Porn writers can be get up to $500.

The pay structure listed above is also partly dependent on the studio budget for the production.

This is a general payment view in the United States.

It’s funny how the industry keeps adding up in large quantities.

More people are joining making the industry expand.

It appears the consumers of this industry are increasing too.

This is because it takes sales to go up for the industry to be expanding.

So, thanks to those paying into the industry which is how the pornstar is getting paid.