How do they get cars in the mall/shopping centres?

This sounds mysterious, right?

Not to worry, you will get to find that out right here.

Whether it is a demo car or a live car, you will know how they get these cars in the mall.

This should rather not sound wired because most malls and shopping centers have dedicated access so that these cars can be driven into the mall.

I recall older malls having a separate entrance on each storey, possibly because fancy sliding and folding main doors were not yet available.

However, one or more of the primary glass doors are now intended to move out of the way to allow cars to pass through.

There are other cars driving through the mall in their almost public hours apart from the ones in the mall for display.

You will find some videos online of car chases happening in the mall if you search.

Also, joy-riders drive in to prove they are geniuses.

Trust me, the CCTV cameras in the mall track a lot of weird things.

Based on the experience I’ve had, they open larger doors and drive these cars in.

There are doors that are so big that even a small truck can drive through to the mall.

These doors are usually located in the service areas of the mall, and entry is restricted only to the employees in the mall.

Trucks and forklifts need to be able to go in and out of the store to deliver large things, as well as for maintenance and remodeling of the common areas.

Doors that appear to be only a meter wide can sometimes fold back and open up to three meters wide.

Usually, the features of this structure are kept hidden.

Roll-up doors and loading docks are available in almost every major shopping mall.

The cars that are brought in for new car displays, as well as historical cars on occasion, enter through one or more of the roll-up doors.

Normally, the cars are rolled in on their own wheels or on dollies.

Now you know how they get cars in the mall.

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