Hold rel mem cr on chase account checks

Hold rel mem cr

Hold rel mem cr is one of the most confusing statement reports that you may have ever had.

So if you do not know what hold rel mem cr means, you will get to find out the meaning right here.

Of course, you are not alone on this, there are numerous people who are equally confused about hold rel mem cr on their statement and want to know what it means.

So if you don’t know what hold rel mem cr stands for, you will get to find that out here.

Now if you have any hold rel mem cr transaction, you will be able to see it in the list of your recent transactions.

A friend said he once deposited 3 checks and all of them had the hold rel mem cr on them.

They mean the same thing, anyway.

Make sure you read through the lines to know what hold rel mem cr means exactly.

Hold rel mem cr what does it stand for?

This simply means that there is a temporary hold on your deposited funds.

The hold is just temporary because they need some more time to reach out to the paying bank to collect the fund from the check you’ve deposited.

How long it takes depends on the check and they vary.

So you can simply reach out to Chase support via any of the contact channels to know how long the hold rel mem cr will last on the check(s) you deposited.

Now you know what this means, there is no need to panic as the deposited funds will eventually get into your account balance on the due date.

To be certain about how long the hold will last, simply reach out to Chase support and that will be all.

You can simply post a Tweet and mention them and you will get their attention to the Tweet and you’ll have them respond promptly.

You can also use other contact channels to reach out to them or probably use more than one contact channel if you need to get a response urgently.

What if you were in need of the money urgently?

You can simply get a quick loan to settle the bills while you wait for the hold to be off the account so you can have access to the funds.

You can get loans from your family or friends.

The banks can also help in situations like this, in case you needed the fund urgently to maybe pay off your tuition fee.

I hope this piece helps you find answers to your hold rel mem cr query.

Leave a comment if you are still in doubt and we’ll be glad to assist you further.

How long did it take for hold rel mem cr to be off your checking account?

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